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Good read about submissions and gaming industry.

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From a forum about Minecraft not getting cleared for PS4. 

Zepid , August 22, 2014 10:08 AM
This is not really news. I use to work on the build team at EA and later at MS Certification for builds and technical requirement certifications, not many games pass certification the first go through - which is a shame because it is so expensive to submit. And each fail requires a new submission, which costs the same as the initial submission, and adds at minimum 4 weeks delay.

It can end up costing the company millions of dollars between advertising having to be pushed back, keeping staff on for a month longer, working overtime, and resubmission. Very very very few publishers/developers ever reach platinum status company wide and even fewer have an average submission rating of 1 (as in 1 time to submit, first pass).

EA is one of the only publishers who has such status, even from my time at Microsoft. Most companies don't think QA is important and outsource it to 3rd parties towards the end of development. QA with companies like EA is integrated from pre-milestone (in concept phase) with a fully staffed team. Until game developers start seeing the value in QA we'll continue seeing a decline in game quality (it is insanely bad right now if you have been gaming for more than 15 years and can remember a time when games just worked). 

Just think, I said EA has one of the highest submission ratings in the industry, and they were responsible for blunders like Battlefield 4 and Army of Two: 40th Day!

Gamers need to demand more, and it would be great if first party (Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo) would penalize companies that regularly fail submission compliance tests. I'd go so far as to say that both the company submission rating and the game submission rating should be printed on each game box so gamers can know, "Hey this company on average fails submission 3 times before success, but this game failed submission 6 times, I should probably not trust my money with this company."

In every other industry we do this, you certainly wouldn't buy a car that had the "lowest safety ratings in the industry" or "highest fatalities in its class" or "from the company that brought you EXPLODING TIRES." The auto industry has to publish their reporting for transparency, so should the gaming industry.

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Used to Patches would come out fairly quickly. Perhaps M$ and $ony, have raised the cost of Submission, forcing these QA lacking companies to combine more content in their Updates, extending the Update Process. I remember just a few years ago some games would have multiple small patches to fix issues as they arose. But with that, I would hope these Gaming companies would put more of an emphasis on QA since the cost of Repair has gone up. I for one hope that they smaller companies don't fall by the wayside. I'm not a big fan of Giant EA, as they don't care about their customers nor listen to them. They just keep feeding us the same crap year after year. Look at NFS, its become Mario Kart with million dollar supercars. 

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