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Todas as minhas vitórias foram deletadas do placar líderes global e até agora ninguém resolve isso pois a codemaster não responde meu email e a Microsoft diz que o problema é do servidor de f1 2013 da codemaster. .. alguém pode me ajudar????

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Codemasters, Microsoft, respond, email, problem, f1 2013?

Try to be a little bit clearer...

Translating this with google, took me lesser than 20 secs and goes like this:

All my wins were deleted from global leaders lead, and so far no one solves it because codemaster not answer my email and Microsoft says the problem is the f1 2013 server codemaster. Can anyone help me ..?
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cohenill said:
because you create a game for the Portuguese language and then sends automatic replies in a complete lack of interest in helping someone here in Brazil consumes products you ????
Codemaster sent you automatic replies ? Here ? I dont see any... Just forum users that would like to help you but have no clue of the problem.
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