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Club Formula Champs need you!

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Hello all good drivers out there.

I. as a principal of a club "Formula Champs" , want to recruit some of the best drivers who seek for a team who's mainly oriented in open wheel racing.Club have 3 racers so far and we are currently  at 139. place in the world , weekly position 104.
As i said before, i am looking for good open wheel racers, to race for the team, some will became club managers because i need some help there.I think its a unique team out there because i want it to be only formula drivers club, so if u are interested u can visit our club headquarters and ask to join a club, i will be glad to add u to the team.
The only rule is that  U NEED TO BE FAIR on track, no ramming, no cheating and respect other players on track!!If u can not do that , we dont need u in our team.
The idea is here, i want our team to be at the top position in the world, but i dont want to organize quick 1 lap sessions for XP and money, i want our races to be fun and competitive, maybe some longer races with close and fair racing experience.So, no need to rush to the top, all i want is we have some fun on track.

my steam ID : areudeadyet
racenet ID : SRBIJAdeadyet

I hope to see some good and fair racers as a part of a team, join the club if u like open wheel racing and lets have some fun on track.


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