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I do really hope this will include alot more tracks and cars than GRID 2 did, was quite disappointed with how small the track/car selection was.

And more customization when choosing tracks, like weather, time of day and other fancy stuff! :)
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I never played Grid 1 and pre-ordered Grid 2 on the back of all the comments about how good the original was. I wasn't disappointed with the game when I played it in its first release, and I can only say that with every update the gameplay has improved, mainly due to CM following everyone's observations and suggestions of how the game should have been when it was first released.

If only the DLC tracks were incorporated in both the off line version, and the online version, this would have accounted for the cost of the DLC's. As it is, I have bought all the DLC content and only driven the new tracks a handful of times as the best fun you can have with Grid 2 is online against real, skilful drivers. I hope the new release will allow DLC's to be used in every part of the game, and that the playability is as good (none better by all accounts I have read) as the first incarnation, then it will be a winner.

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I'm afraid I have no idea what time the announcement is, but I would expect to see:
- A post on the Codies Blog detailing the announcement
- A forum post here about it, probably with a link to that Blog post
- A couple of Tweets with links to the announcement
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I think it is essential in the game:

- The same physics of the GRID 1
Persistence of broken cars, pieces of cars, etc., on the track, no ghosts or car disappear after crash, or in other words: tha same of the GRID 1
- More european cars (I live in Brazil);
- More, more, more and moooore REAL circuits (F1 circuits of the 70's and 80's would be great)


To have a blockbuster (and millions of happy and eternally grateful fans), the new game from CodeMasters (the best in car games in my opinion) must be the same as GRID 1 in physics, damage system and persistence of objects on the track, but with the addition of the things I mentioned (circuits).

I hope to see soon a substitute equal to the masterpiece called "RaceDriver: GRID" for XBOX ONE.

P.S.: I keep playing the multiplayer of "RaceDriver: GRID", every day since 2008, at least 4 hours per day for the XBOX 360 (I have over 9.000 hours of GRID multiplayer, including all my gamertags on Xbox Live).

My favorite lobby on GRID 1:

Ranked Match
Ragion: EUROPE
Damage: ON
Catch Up: OFF
Race Lenght: ANY
Collisions: ON
Driver Assists: ANY
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