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Let me see if I get it right:

Codemasters made Grid2 and everybody was unhappy with the game. So they collect some data with the consumers, then MADE A NEW GAME?!?
What about all DLCs I bought? Now I need to buy a new game because the game I bought was a crap?
I think you´re doing this wrong, Codemasters. You don´t have to launch another game with our suggestions. You have to launch a DLC for the game you done.

Sorry guys, but this kind of thing sounds very disrespectful to me.
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Loore said:
You'll have to wait and find out the details next Tuesday but...we listened. That's all I can say right now, we listened.
please answer my 3 questions: 

will have rain? 
will have cockpit view? 
Directx 12? 

a hug :) 

the second question is a yes the new game does have cockpit view

no to dx 12 though as it's running on the PS3/360gen

as for rain I don't know those details haven't been released yet

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Remember your roots. I know what you mean about the double R's though. But that's quite interesting acutually, hopefully that confirms that the new game will be going back to something similar to the old ToCA days perhaps.
based on what I've read I think that's the plan going back to the old race driver series including grid 1 but I just hope if that's the plan that they don't give it as high a learning curve as Grid 1 had. I don't think that'll be the case though as it sounds like they're throwing in some extra assistance to make it easier to get to grips with for the casual/novice player this time
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9000h is record :)
Updating: currently, adding all my Gamertags: 12,238 hours of multiplayer
(without counting more 2 or 4 hours that I will play today (as I keep doing every day since the game was released for XBOX 360))

P.S.: Do not forget to vote: https://xbox.uservoice.com/forums/298503-backwards-compatibility/suggestions/8378487-grid

[ ]'s

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