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First Impressions, Share Your Experience.

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Hi everyone!
Feel free to use this thread to post your first impressions of the game, what you think so far, and general discussion of the game initial moments. And remember, be nice! We're not here to criticise the team hard work. We're not paid journalists. We're simply sharing our thoughts and experiences with other players and the team. :) 

Allow me to go first...

  • Love the visuals! Everything is so colourful and detailed, suiting the playful vibe of the game. 
  • Although the vehicle selection may seem limited, there's a wide variety! Quality over quantity. 
  • The different skins is where you'll find the variety, and each one is highly detailed in their own way. 
  • Each vehicle features its own unie PUNtastic names and unique voices. Haven't found a favorite yet, but I will in due time. 
  • The menus are easy to navigate and arranged in a user friendly way. 
  • I like how the icons for the A.I. players come from the classic Micro Machines games. Nostalgic points there!  <3

  • Handling, It's a slippery slope out there! I understand the vehicle's wheels are made of plastic, but dang, I wouldn't mind just a little bit more traction. It's difficult to go around a corner when the A.I. is hammering you down (pun intended).
  • Which brings me to my next point, the A.I. is far too hyperactive and difficult to deal with. Particularly in combat type matches, they are in constant chaos. I can simply sit there and do nothing at all, and the A.I. seems to be doing all the work. Which, in retrospective, is not entirely a bad thing considering how much the A.I. is handling. I'd say the A.I. program is quite advance and it's simply doing its job. So who knows, perhaps I just need a bit more practice! :wink:
  • I found the tutorial too basic. Once I got into matches I didn't know what to do. I didn't know there were several types of combat matches and what each of the different weapon pick-ups did. Is this on purpose to allow the players to discover it by themselves?

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I feel in some places we played different games!


Just my views on some of your experiences.

Handling is Car Specific, if you find the car slides too much try the Firetruck/Tank both are a lot more "Sticky" compared to say the Hot Rod and Sports Car.

I'm hoping we will see "Less" AI as we go forward, I had it the day before release and at times it was me one other guy vs 15AI, the AI are too easy, once your ahead its GG.

I found the tutorial covered everything for me, did you do the whole thing? there's like 5 parts to it.
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Well if i'm being totally honest the game is pretty dreadful.

Good points:
* It looks like MicroMachines.
* Track design is by and large pretty decent.
* Two of the three game modes work well

Bad points:
* The grind to level 10 just to unlock more of the same is completely pointless.
* Dubious AI
* Lifeless FFB (except when you die)
* Framerate stutter (all modes and tracks)
* Complete lack of any career mode
* Online multiplayer in a party? 
To name but a few......

Yes, I know it's only £19.99 but it's still a game you have to pay for - and whilst the pricepoint suggests future DLC addons (similar to F1 Race Stars (or whatever it was called)) it's still no excuse for the wafer thin game mode content offered in the game.
The sad thing is i've had this game on preorder for almost 2 months now and since receiving it this morning i've spent around 5 hours in the various freeplay modes, ground my way to Level 10 (after level 5 i even stopped caring where i finished - it really was that boring) only to find out that the mysterious locked content was simply more freeplay with AI and other 'real' people and nothing else... From an entertainment perspective the game is done and the only positive I can take from my experience with MMWS is that I have a boxed copy which i can sell on. 

How on earth did Codemasters get this game so utterly, utterly wrong?
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Hi All,

I have played 47 minutes and am seriously considering refunding my purchase. My friend already has.
I have played some elimination matches only so far as that was the nostalgia I was looking for.

Here's my impressions:
VS Humans only this game is great. I understand the player base needs to grow and thats fine. I might try playing one game in a few weeks.

This game is utter rubbish against AI.
They work together to block you out.
They know when ice is going to form so they can take shortcuts hitting the holes in the ice just as they ice over so they aren't eliminated.
They know which weapon they have before it appears on the screen and will hit you instantly with it (Hammers)
The AI needs to be made worse or at least scaled in some way with the real players levels as its impossible to play against them and its just not fun at all.

General observations.
Only three weapons in elimination? Why bother at all and just have it as a straight race to stay on the screen? I mean, come on, there's a way to eliminate people already. Have them in the normal races or put way more weapons in so I know I have a chance of not getting hit with a hammer every time I'm in the lead.

Honestly I know I sound like I'm butthurt and ranting but I played the original Micro Machine games and this just doesn't compare in terms of fun.

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How on earth have you managed to completely mess this up?
I'm just so disappointed after looking forward to this for weeks.
The originals on Amiga and V3 on PS1 absolutely put this to shame, it's like they've sucked all the fun out of the series then released it .

Firstly and most shocking is the fact that they haven't added any kind of single player/career mode, that's just unforgivable in my opinion. Especially when you consider that the player base for this is absolutely tiny, I can see it being dead in a month or two.
I have great memories of playing through the career modes of the other games back in the day, but this is just so, so bland.

One of the best games from my childhood and they've somehow completely messed it up.
A complete waste of  £20 afaic.

I'd even say Table Top Racing is a far better game than this and that was free on PSN
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Well, contrary to all the negativity here, I'm really enjoying the game. Played 5 hours so far, and having fun in ranked Race and Elimination mode.

* Vehicles feel fun to drive, on the whole
* Weapons add an element of danger if you're in the lead
* Game looks good and runs solidly at 60fps (on my i5 6500 with RX470)
* Old-skool AI character portraits :D
* Tracks are interesting – I like the way liquids get streaked everywhere as the race progresses

* Needs more tracks

Don't really have much of an opinion on the Overwatch-style* structure of the game. It seems it's primarily online-focused, which is ok for me, but I guess some people might like some kind of offline progression system?

* by that I mean it has Quick Play, Ranked, Skirmish as the main play options, it has loot boxes with the same colours to indicate quality, etc. Maybe other games do this too and it's actually fairly common, I dunno, I've only seen it in Overwatch.
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caerphoto said:
Well, contrary to all the negativity here, I'm really enjoying the game. Played 5 hours so far, and having fun in ranked Race and Elimination mode.
Perhaps it's me but i found the whole set up a freeplay event / find some players / complete said event and quit back to the main menu to repeat the whole process with a different group of AI + real people made things a little too soulless and repetitive for my liking. 
 Maybe a fixed lobby system (if only to create a little familiarity between random groups of racers) or better still, mini playlists with points scoring incentives similar to those seen in Racedriver Grid. Anything to give the game a sense of purpose and a little continuity. 

The lack of single player features, ingame content and it's general multiplayer emphasis may be a bigger issue than Codemasters realise because if the multiplayer community doesn't materialise in the way they perhaps anticipate it will then unless you're happy playing random races against AI bots, MMWS is going to offer very little in the way of longevity for current racers and as a result absolutely nothing for customers who buy this game in a couple of months time. Also, how does the game work with those who don't have XBL? Or those who don't have an XB1 connected to the internet? What exactly do they get for their £19.99?

You know, at the end of the day it's great that Codemasters decided to resurrect Micro Machines but why they did so in this format as opposed to a £49.99 full game that everyone can enjoy is totally beyond me.... Whilst some will undoubtedly enjoy it in it's current format I unfortunately have to go with the majority in expressing a huge disappointment towards something that is nowhere close to the greatness it deserves.

Dirt 4...Micro Machines.. Hmm, i'm thinking CM should put Grid or TOCA on the backburner for a little while longer.
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Didnt see this thread so posting here as well...

First off after getting over the initial disappointment of no single player campaign I have really got into the multiplayer and am enjoying RACE mode like alot of people im guessing. Below is my feedback on things i think need to be looked at and improved to make it a much better experience. 

1. Multiplayer matches should have an auto search for next game. Why do we have to keep coming out and selecting to play again each time? Why is there no basic lobby system? If it has to stay this way at least move RACE to the top instead of BATTLE cause i'm guessing most people are gonna be doing that so would make it easier to restart.
2. I've noticed the same tracks keep coming up in RACE multiplayer. I always see the same 5 tracks. is there a reason why this is?
3. Ranked mode is now locked for 92 days so i assume this is a bug?
4. Would be good to know if there is any stats for the vehicles. i have noticed subtle differences in how they handle but do they have any other characteristics we should know about? Health, speed, acceleration etc?
5. In mp matches it tends to freeze now and then for a couple of seconds. I am using a PS4 Pro with boost mode ON so don't know if this could be affecting it at all?

I look forward to your feedback on these points. Its a great game for the £20 price point but these small improvements would make a huge difference.
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I'm pretty annoyed at myself for being so impulsive with this purchase tbh. I appreciate it's a budget title but even still, it's incredibly light on content and from a technical perspective, it's a bit of a mess (lots of aliasing/shimmering/30fps with hitching).
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There is nothing 'quick' about waiting 90secs for a quick match filled with AI, every.single.time.
You spend more time waiting to play the game than playing the game!
The omission of a single player championship is just a lazy design decision IMO. It should be there.

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There is nothing 'quick' about waiting 90secs for a quick match filled with AI, every.single.time.
You spend more time waiting to play the game than playing the game!
The omission of a single player championship is just a lazy design desicion IMO. It should be there.

Of course it should, they are taking the pi$$ releasing it in this state, it's more like a demo than a full game.
The multiplayer side of should have been secondary to a solid single player campaign, I personally don't have a lot of interest in playing online, I bought it to play alone like all the other Micro Machines games, I certainly won't be rushing to buy anything else from this company.
I bought the PSN version too as i thought i'd be playing it for a long long time, so no need to keep swapping disks.
I've done my 20 quid ironically, as I've already deleted it lol

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I have found the game play enjoyable and the race and elimination mode in particular are good fun. I have been like so many other I feel very disappointed with the lack of content available at this time. 

1. Game play is good fun, the cars subtle differences in their handling add variety to the races. The race and elimination modes capture the feel of classic micro machines in my opinion.
2. The tracks are well designed and look good. They provide a good mix and once you learn them the racing is really good fun
3. Graphically in general the game looks good, and the different skins for the vehicles adds variety.
4. I may be alone in this but at times when the game cannot populate it with human players I like the fact the AI can provide a slight challenge, i still prefer when a game mode is full of human players though!


1. The lack of  a proper single player mode. Toybox turbos single player mode would have worked well here and the lack of this type of mode is very disappointing. 
2. More tracks. The 10 tracks you have are good but after a couple of hours play you get used to them and start to wish there was more variety in the game. 
3. Having to go back to the menu after every race. I would love to have an option where you can play a mix of races and eliminations without having to go back to the menu.
4. At the moment there is quite a bit of a delay in getting into a game, which compounds the issue of going back to the menu screen after every race.
5. Weapon variety. The weapons on hand are fun but having a few more thrown into the mix would be welcome.

Overall it is an enjoyable game but there is just not enough in there at this present time and it falls under Toybox Turbos shadow somewhat.  

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  • AI. They are really good and challenging in both race and battle.
  • Graphics. Look good and do the job.
  • Battle mode is a fun break from racing
  • Hungry Hippos
  • Online play is fun when it works.
  • Online stability. Currently very bad maybe 50% chance of getting into a game (PS4).
  • Party play even less stable
  • Too much online focus. Not enough singleplayer content and what is there is clunky (No easy way to switch to a different track after a rave. 
  • Nothing to unlock offline. 
  • No championship mode
  • No car class based racing (F1, beach buggys etc)
  • No option to race online without power ups.
  • Elimination camera could probably do with being zoomed out slightly.
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I've played it some more and it just makes me more confused and angry that you have my money.
Why on earth is there no single player?, it would have been brilliant working through tiers of races and unlocking skins and voices etc.
The multiplayer is nice (when it works) but it should not have been the main focus.
I feel so cheated, as the game wasn't called "micro machines online" i feel like I was completely mislead. I'd never have bought it if i'd knownn just how half arsed and online focused it was
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It's so disappointing, I loved Codemasters back in the early 80's
Their Dizzy games on the ZX Spectrum are legendary and if I remember correctly they always cost £1.99 :)
Then I discovered Micro Machines on my Amiga 1200, then later on Megadrive and V3 on PS1.
And for all that support I get rewarded with this crap ?    really ?
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Micro machines V3. Just remake that, with high detail models and textures, and add music for in game. Leave absolutely everything else alone, as it seems you guys have really lost your touch nowadays if this and Toybox Turbos is anything to go by. Thanks.
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I registered just to give my feedback as I am rarely so disappointed with a game. I have been finding the local multiplayer fun, but I feel that the game is missing so much. V3 was my favourite MM game and it had oodles of content. So many tracks, cars and modes. Where did this all go?

I used to love the variety of tracks and vehicles which each had different handling; boats on water, dune buggies on sand, race cars on a breakfast table. Whomever made the decision to not use all of this amazing content that made the original games great should really rethink their decision. It feels that this is just a demo of a game that I paid £22 on PSStore for. I feel gutted that there isn't more to it and can only wish for a remake of MM V3. 

As another person has said, you should have just stuck with V3 as a goal and updated it. I only hope that sticking with the lootbox mechanism of Overwatch, that you also follow Blizzards approach and keep giving more content for free. New modes, vehicles and tracks please. 
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So... I just played 3 ranked races. Each time I had to wait 300 seconds (5 minutes!!) to get into a race which was filled with AI. So a total of 15 minutes waiting and around 4-5 minutes of playing. Are you serious? Who is responsible for this design decision? MP is dead. The game is dead with no SP championship to fall back on. All my wonderful memories of MM V4 have been destroyed by this shell of a game.
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The whole game just feels a bit... half-hearted. From the choice of font, to the menu design, to only getting Brian Blessed to record numbers down to "third" so he only says "You finished..." if you finish any lower than that, to the lack of care over keyboard choices (how many MacBook owners have any idea how to press the "Home" key when told to do so?)

I'll play it occasionally to see if it improves, but so far it's disappointing -- especially given that I really rather like the iOS Micro Machines game on which it's somewhat based.
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So... I just played 3 ranked races. Each time I had to wait 300 seconds (5 minutes!!) to get into a race which was filled with AI. So a total of 15 minutes waiting and around 4-5 minutes of playing. Are you serious? Who is responsible for this design decision? MP is dead. The game is dead with no SP championship to fall back on. All my wonderful memories of MM V4 have been destroyed by this shell of a game.

I couldn't agree more, the game is an absolute pi55 take.
Byers remorse isn't nice and I have it badly.
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Deleted it, it's my last ever Codemasters game.
I'll give my money to companies like Blizzard who actually care about the games they release

Although I've returned my copy I wouldn't go as far as to say it's my last Codemasters game ever :)

One thing though: If sales of MMWS don't go as expected then I sincerely hope that this is a wake up call for CM because no matter how iconic Micro Machines is and no matter how universally appealing this type of racing may have, there's simply no excuse to palm off something of this quality to gamers on a console (XB1) that's already awash with substandard software. I'd have thought better from a team of this stature.....

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