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First Impressions, Share Your Experience.

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Very disappointed in this game. Was massively looking forward to it, so much so I bought the PS4 digital  version so I could play it at midnight.

It's called Micro Machines
The AI use the old avatars in offline mode. :)

Games take too long to join, then there are no human opponents (AU here).
Single Player is lacking compared to the ones on older less powerful systems, really smacks of being a mobile game that was hastily converted to other systems or an early PS3 online game.
I miss the even playing field that the default cars gave you on their themed tracks.
Rubber banding of AI online seems unfair as it doesn't rubber band the human players in the same way. Remove it.
Not sure if it's the netcode or not but last night I only found one online ranked race with a human player in, if this is to survive it needs to be able to match players better, if ther are any.

On the vehicle selection screen pre-race, please change it so we can scroll left/right to select vehicle then up/down to select the different skins. Instead of having to do it via the garage (although with the amount of time it takes to actually find a race you have ample time to do this atm).
Don't kick everyone back to the lobby after each race (just seen this is being worked on, good)
Bring back the old offline single/multi player modes, they were what made Micro Machines so great.

Been a massive Micro Machines fan for ever, had the Amiga version, still have the Megadrive version, the PlayStation V3, the PS2 version, but this is a major let down, not to mention the massive grind to unlock everything.

I really hope something changes soon otherwise this will be a game I may as well delete.

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Hello! I've registered to leave my thoughts.

I've had the game about three days and played it for a couple of hours per day so far.

I love micromachines games and remember playing this on the SNes (I think) with the four player adaptor that worked with this and bomberman.

The gameplay is fine and the online ranked matches are enjoyable (I usually find 1-6 other human players per race and the rest AI) but this is crying out for two main features:

- a vast single player experience with challenges and tournaments to do.

- a better online experience that at least has a multiplayer lobby that you can hang in and rematch the same people etc.

the failure to include these two things is absolutely criminal and I can see why everyone is so upset.

I suggest a serious update for this game ASAP before you lose the fans completely.

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