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Club name: Save Corrupted, tag: COR

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I just created a club dedicated to all the victims of the save game corruption... (Lol)

Club name is: Save Corrupted
Tag is : COR

Logo is obviously a red warning sign with a tool in center (Warning, fix it !)
Let show the world that we do exist and  how namy we are... All accounts with corrupted save games are welcomed !!!

Humm, that could end up to be the biggest club filled with all level 1 members and no XP.    

See you on the track... Ho wait... We cant race !!! Save is corrupted !
Hahaha   o

Note: No need to race for that team, just make it one of your 2nd inactive team... so we know who we are among us and have a proof that we are not alone !

ZalexQc / GTQCZalex / AlainAlexandre ... One Guy, Tree Corrupted Accounts, One Big Frustration !

Playing on PS3

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link to join page.

good work alain,

wont join your team myself as have my own team and want to leave room for people to race in your team colours. As i said in the other post, i predict your club to be the fastest growing club on racenet and im sure u guys will be a major threat to us once the patch comes along and u get racing.

if u guys wanna a fun and friendly team vs team battle just join my room.

i hope to see u online soon, fingers crossed on that damn patch.

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Finally fixed whohoooooooooooooo !

In the name of the club members and all the ones who would have joined in if it was not fixed this morning: Thanks to the ones that did it and made it happend.

It take forever to happend and my 3 weeks of vacations ended this morning, but at least i'll have it working on the weekends. :)

My big problem now is: what account do i play with now that they all work ! Lol

The one with the career is level 62 online, ones without are 75 and 92 !  To bad I cant merge it all...

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has it repaired your corrupted saves? as many r saying it hasnt

All tree accounts are fine now.

But i took a guess to do the update first over the XMB (PS3 menu), then I loaded the game.

Are the ones with problems on PS3 or IxcheBokches360 ?

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