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Grid AS causes computer to freeze completely


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Hello, I downloaded Grid AS the other day and got to playing. It seems to work great. Running everything on suggested settings. But at random times it will freeze my computer and force me to hard restart it. I can play games such as Arma 3 and Battlefield 4 for hours without issue.

Note: I've already tested for faulty ram and installed all up to date drivers.

Pc specs: 
Nvidia GTX 670 FTW
AMD Fx-8350
16Gb corsair vengeance RAM
1Tb WD caviar black HDD
Asus M5a97 r2.0 motherboard

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Anything specific about when it freeze, car used, track played... ?
Since the save game fix I can play again, but cant do this week Racenet Open B Chalenge.
it freeze at 1.2km from start line, must reset PS3. Geting no problems on other tracks and cars yet.
Note: Thats when I play with my Zalex PSN account (CM = ZalexQc)
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That account... Will follow conversation with this one.
Will stop playing with accounts I got to use when save games corruption were not allowing us to play.

BTW Fizzynewt, stop loosing your time on vhecking your hardware, big chance that it's the game, not your hardware that is the problem.
Really good game, but with some stability flaws.
Cross your fingers that it get better in future, but at least WE CAN PLAY NOW ! :)
Got accounts locked for more than a month, while in vacation...
Take care.
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Hi, I have the same issue. ! in 12 races on average will freeze on the loading screen which forces me to turn off the PC. I have noticed this happens mostly in online races leaving from lobby to loading screen. I also have this problem...
I need some expert advice regarding momentarily intermittent USB device controller (G27) disconnection, with only one application (grid autosport), and whilst that application is using both the controller and the internet simultaneously. I  reinstalled the application and wiped and reinstalled windows several times. I also uninstalled similar apps in case of any confliction and uninstalled and reinstalled every hardware driver and made sure they were up to date whilst trying older and beta drivers. I also flashed and updated the BIOS etc and disabled legacy. This was days of faffing and fiddling until I eventually discovered (by sheer fluke) my GPU drivers had not installed correctly the last time and were running the application with only one out of four GPUs (7990's in crossfire, or 'quadfire' as it has been coined). Yet I had disabled crossfire previously, before the very first reinstall of all apps, driver's and windows to check and see if this were causing the issue, but with no joy. So I removed one of the two 7990's and all now works well again with no controller disconnection issues at all whilst in the app and online. I've written Logitech and codemasters regarding the issue with no response. Usually I'd not care why and be satisfied it works. Nowadays I find myself quite intrigued as to why, in stead of winging it. i.e, I want to learn more than I currently know. Also, why should I remove expensive hardware due to an annoying problem whilst also sacrifice quality and performance. It had occurred to me an IRQ request was in confliction, but both pci-e and USB are not using the same IRQ address/protocol. Could it be the motherboard (MSI gd65 z87) and or the processor (4.2Ghz 4770k) bottlenecking or some sort of latency fluctuation caused by bad programing by codemasters, Logitech, Amd etc, or all of the above? It cant be a power issue with a 1250w. All apps that use the same hardware never have this problem, even ones in a pre-alpha state like Assetto Cora. Should I upgrade my motherboard and CPU to say, Asus deluxe X79 and i7 4930 or is this just something that I should overlook? I'm not one to sweep such things under the rug lately due cost, interest, and not whilst I'm building an identical rig for my soon to be 15 year old sons birthday. I'm sure it would be very disappointing for him.
Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

MSI GD65 Z87, i7 4770k @4.2Ghz, 2x XFX DDD 7990's in 'Quadfire', 16Gb Vengeance Pro @2133Mhz, OCZ ZX 1250w, 60Gb Corsair SSD, 1Tb WD HDD @7,200rpm, 2x 4Tb WD HDD @7,200rpm, Windows 8.1 64bit, Aero Cool X-Predator Evil Green Edition, 13x assorted fans.
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