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I'm seriously considering asking for my money back.

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How did this game ever get through testing on Ps4??? Even a closed beta test would have thrown up the countless issues that people are getting. 

Trying not to be too negative as a) it's a. £20 game and b) it's Micro Machines but please get some work done to patch out these problems. 

- Server lag - almost every match has stationary vehicles, teleporting and lag (my internet connection is 40/10)
- Blue screen crashes - first game since Knack to crash on me.
- Disconnections for no reason

And some suggestions... 
- Pro enhancements? Its listed it has some on the box, is this false advertising or does it have any? 
- Private party games
- Staying in a lobby - whats the point of staying in a lobby when it just takes you back to the main menu after each race anyway. 

Hopefully this can be patched quickly as the game is broken and almost unplayable in its current state. 

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For £20 its not too bad. I've had a laugh with a mate online.

However whats the deal with waiting 91 days for the next season?? Makes no sense to wait 3 months of which by then, most peoples interest will be pretty much be gone. I didn't even get chance to try it before it got locked out a you needed to be level 10 to enter. Seems strange for me.

It has scope for plenty of dlc via new vehicles, maps, current vehicle mods, loot boxes, dare I say it some form of collectables as its pretty bland & the loot box system for just getting one per rank takes a while & feels pointless as all you can do is add skins and buy sound effects etc of which are of pretty much no use.
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I may come back in a months time and if the issues are sorted I'll take it all back. When it works, it's great fun. Me and 2 mates were in a lobby and really enjoying it.... then the server lag started. 

Even for £20 I feel hard done to. I feel like I've paid money for a beta version. 
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After reading the official comment that said no DLC was planned for the forseeable future i figured the game was going to remain pretty much 'as is' for quite a while and decided it just wasn't keeping in it's current condition, so unfortunately i did take the refund option. I'm pretty sure some will be more than happy to wait to see how things pan out but for me personally the biggest worry in adopting that approach was that, given it's less than favourable reviews, exactly how many will gamers will buy - and will be still playing MM at a time when things may be significantly better somewhere down the road. When you also consider the £25 digital asking price I have this horrible feeling that it won't be too many.

Although it's a budget game i'm still baffled as to why Codemasters decided to opt for this format over something a little more structured and universally appealing - especially when you consider how well they managed to feature pack the Worms reboots and offer them out as highly playable, competitively priced games. But I guess only CM know the answer to that one.

I've just used part of my credit on Table Top Racing and whilst it lacks the charm of MMWS it more than makes up for it in the gameplay department (and at half the price) so all is not lost because i still have my teeny tiny cars to play with, albeit elsewhere. "albeit elsewhere", wow! I never in a million years thought i'd be saying that.
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