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[DiRT 4] Weird glitch in Daily, Weekly & Monthly events, when switching between Simulation/Gamer


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Hello everyone!

Yesterday I switched from Simulation to Gamer handling and started a new profile. With this change however, weird things began to happen in the Competitive events. Firstly, I was able to replay the weekly events. Yes, basically getting a second chance in a different handling mode. 
I was able to clear the H3 weekly again. My time got uploaded and I was kinda confused, because I already played this event in Simulation. So I switched back to Simulation, to find out that most of my times here weren't even displayed. No time, not even a DNF. 
Only after clicking on the Group A weekly, I saw that I apparently "DNF'd", though I basically completed this event in Simulation mode. Not only that though. After switching back to gamer, the game now always loads the "Simulation" leaderboard, so if I want to know what my current place is, I have to ask someone to check it out for me.

Edit: Fixed my problem. I reset my career progress, while being in Gamer mode and either just the competitive option in DiRT 4 or Racenet didn't seem to like that very much, resulting in this whole mess. Luckily, I made a copy of my old savegame. Would be cool if Codies could check this out, as this weird bug may cause some more unnecessary confusion.

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