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Hey gang!
I am having a great time with Micro Machines, but I feel there are a few things missing or unbalanced.


- Race mode with no weapons

- Include additional weapons vs just a nerf gun and hammer

- Online play really drags when you have to quit after every event. I feel it should instantly find another match for you with the option to quit, not force you to quit. 

- Some sort of story mode would be neat. (Like the originals)

- DLC - This is a game I would be more than happy to purchase additional content for. (Didn't know you could pre-order this through your site so if you want to throw those exclusive skins at me I wouldn't mind XD) which leads into my next bit....

- More tracks and cars. I know there is more than this, but I usually only see the same 4-5 tracks every time I play (races specifically). 

- Server connectivity. I believe I have just about 5 hours in and I have disconnected during matches 8 times. Not that big of a deal, but it's always when I'm winning XD. I have 100mb Internet with direct line so I'm pretty sure it's not on my end :P.

- It is very obvious that all the vehicles drive differently so I would love to see some vehicle stats when selecting your car.

- Points - I'm not sure if there is a system in place since no matter what position I finish in I always get at least 3,000+ XP. I suggest having dynamic point values for each position finished (1st 3000 2nd 2500 3rd 2000 and so on) , the amount of people you blew up, style points for using short cuts (maybe),  and so on.

Plus Side: 
- I love that you don't have to wait for a fully lobby and can play against AI.

- Drifting and controls feel great once you get used to the vehicle you use.

- Vibrant art and fun track design

Either way I am enjoying the game greatly. There just appears to be a lot of missed potential. We talking Mario Kart/party game with friends good potential.

Best regards,

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This is really great and constructive feedback, thank you! Will make sure it goes to the right people. :)

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P. S. You can turn off Race Mode weapons in 'Mutators' - but that's only if you're playing offline. 

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