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This game could be good but....

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Firstly while this game does look very nice in comparison to its predecessors it does have some vital flaws!

I and a group of friends bought this game under the belief that it would be possible for us all to be able to have a game together in all of the modes available. So far this hasn't proved possible, the group system doesn't appear to work properly. When one person starts a group and invites other players into it, it isn't possible for anyone to see all of the players within that group even though they are there. Even the person that started the group can only see one or two players within it. When we did manage to get six of us together in a group we found that only two of the three game modes were available to us. The third game mode 'Elimination' was the one we were all most interested in playing, only to find that you can only have a group of four! I cannot fathom why a mode that allows six random players to play together would only allow a group of four friends to play it!  When we did try a group of four we found that the other two players were either AI or random players. 

Another thing that was found whilst in a group was that every so often one of the people in the group would get left behind at the menu screen whilst the rest went into a game. This along with the random disconnects while in a game was rather annoying, let alone why the game insists on kicking you back to the main menu after each game instead of just having a way of continuing on with another match and being able to setup a playlist of tracks instead of quite often playing the same ones again and again.

 Ok I can appreciate that currently things are being worked out with bugs and server issues but the game doesn't quite feel finished. 

Thankfully the seventh member of the group is away on holiday and has been told not to purchase this, meanwhile there are six of us that feel that maybe we have wasted our money getting this on the day of release and this isn't the multiplayer game we all thought it was going to be.

Please don't think I am completely negative about this game, with some changes to actually make it a multi player game where a group of friends can play together it would be great. 

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