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Fanatec Wheel on Grid 2


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crash48 said:

Its on xbox360

Fanatec CSR

We do have support for the CSR Elite for Xbox 360, but not the regular CSR I'm afraid.

That's not to say it won't work, it just may not work as well as other supported wheels. I did find this though, hopefully it may be of some help.


Feedback 80
Wheel strength 80
Wheel weight 20

Steering dz 0
Steering sat 95
Lin 0
Thrott dz 0
Thrott sat 100
Brake dz 5
B sat 60

Sensitivity (SEn): 
Force feedback strength (FF): 
Vibration strength (Sho): 
Drift mode (dri): 
Linearity (Lin): 
Deadzone (dEA): 
Spring (SPr): 
Damper (dPr): 
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So, using the 756 firmware, my wheel settings are:

Sen 220
FF   80
Sho  90
Dri  Off
ABS  90
Lin  20
Dea  10
Spr  -3
Dpr  -4
ACL  Off

I basically play with the thing bolted to a tray on my lap, so I have to turn down the FF strength and maximum wheel rotation a bit more than you probably would with a wheel stand. Can't remember off-hand if I changed the in-game settings as well... I tend to use the same wheel settings for all Codies games and do the fine tuning within each game, but as I ended up not playing Grid2 very much with the wheel I might not have bothered :) Will check later on.
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PC, I used my 2nd CSR, with Grid 2 until it broke like the 1st one after exactly 1 year. It was ok till it broke then I went back to a G27. The best thing I liked about the CSR was the 360 degrees view with the mini joystick especially on Dirt3 with the party modes :).
Fanatec replaced the first one after 1 year and I junked the 2nd one.
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