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Logitech G27 disconnects in Grid Autosport online multiplayer only!


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Hi all, as it says above, my G27 disconnects during online MP only. Not in single player, nor on any other online race game. It was fine until about 10 days ago. Now, when I start a race online, in race or in lobby it will have a black screen with "controller disconnected pop over the game play. It can happen within 10 seconds to almost the length of a race. I've reinstalled the wheel and its drivers. Tried different USB slots to no avail. I've also reinstalled the game twice and deleted all profiles and games that have been installed on or around that time.

Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.


MSI GD65 Z87


2x XFX 7990 DDD in 'Quadfire' 

60Gb Corsair SSD

1Tb WD 7,200rpm HDD

4Tb WD 7,200rpm HDD

4Tb WD 7,200rpm HDD

OCZ ZX 1250w 80plus Gold Cert

Aero Cool X-Predator Evil Green Edition

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I have found a fix for the problem.....the issue is Nvidia Geforce Experience and Nvidia encoder Codec used for capturing the game.

Fix for the issue:-
1. Ensure turn on the USB power modes as all high performance. Check the power modes.
2. Windows 8/7/10 - Device Manager-> Allow to turn off the device - Uncheck the check box.
3. Reinstall the Nvidia display driver without Geforce Experience. Install DDU clean the display driver and install the latest Nvidia driver in the custom mode.
4. Use Bandicam or OBS to record instead of ShadowPlay.
5. Don't use the Nvidia Hardware Encoder for capturing instead use M JPEG or non-Nvidia Codec to to capture. This will result in huge files like 20GB etc. This can then be recoded to smaller MP4 files using batch convert on Handbrake program.
6.This is tested and works fine 100% on Windows 8.1. No more controller disconnected!
7. Other solution is install Linux.

We can now Njoi and play Dirt Rally/GAS/Dirt 4 using wheel disconnects!
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