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1 change of tyre = 13 recoveries?


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foppaldo said:
On the last stage of a career event I punctured my tyre. Since I had a very comfortable lead I thought I might as well fit the spare wheel on and enjoy the rest of the drive. Imagine my surprise when the sponsor target summary came up and I was given 13 recoveries!?

Are you stopping to marshals at the end of stage? It counts as recovery if you blast through/stop earlier/hit spectator/got reset to him. 
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Unless I get caught out by a tight corner after the finish, I'm always at my best behaviour toward the marshals and hangarounds in the area. (IIRC the only time I screwed that up yesterday was the Welsh daily.)

Even if I screwed up all five end of stages for the event (I didn't), it still leaves 8 recoveries unaccounted for. :-/ 
(Possibly 7 if changing a tyre also counts? Note that I didn't hit anyone or flip over when I punctured. I came to a stop on the road, selected "change wheel" (or words to that effect), got the "+30 seconds" message and drove on.)
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