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Bugs in Micro Machines PlayStation 4

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Hi all.
 today I bought Micro Machines for the PlayStation 4 I'm enjoying it but unfortunately I have found a few bugs which are starting to annoy me.
First one is no matter what screen I go on to start a new race I can hear the circular saw sound from the woodwork circuit. It's constant only stops when you start a race it is even on the menu screen starting to give me a bit of a headache.
Second bug is it is very Glitchy when racing is annoying because I stop and when I start again all the cars have over took me losing a lot of races because of this have never had any problems with my Internet Call of Duty and Battlefield 1 fine with no glitches. If you can look into these and sort them out it would make the whole gaming experience more pleasurable. 
Thanks overall a good game a bit basic hope you bring out some more circuits to race on.

Also just one quick one it would be nice if when we have found a race and it is over that we don't have to exit and go back into it can we not all stay in the same room and maybe search for other players if people leave and just move to the next circuit at the moment every time you finish a race you have to go back to the main menu and then reenter again this is a bit annoying should only have to leave if you choose to thanks. Or maybe vote for the next circuit that you all want to race on have two circuits to vote for and a random circuit.

Could we also choose whether we have weapons on or off it is a racing game and I don't remember my Micro Machines when I was younger having a NERF gun or hammers on top of them.

This game has a lot of potential just released some more DLC packs sort out the glitches it could be an awesome racing game. Does feel like it's not quite finished.
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Yeah I thought it was the sound of the engine of the tank.
 but no matter what car you select that sound is constant even at the beginning of different circuits all you can hear is that circular saw sound after about two and a half hours of playing the game yesterday I had to turn it off it was starting to grate a little.
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