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Ranked Matches - Remove AI and Items?

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Hi there,

So I've been enjoying the (admittedly rough) game so far. I am at Rank 12 and finding pretty good enjoyment despite the lack of content (which I'm hopeful will be remedied over time).

One suggestion I have is for ranked play and how it's the exact same as regular quick play right now. Once you unlock Ranked why would you go back to Quick Play if they are the same? The rewards are better and you get a bit more enjoyment.

I was thinking that, perhaps, ranked play should go old school and remove items to make races more skill based. On top of that, I don't think AI have a place in this mode either since it's supposed to try and find the best players.

Just a few suggestions. :) 

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AI in all online modes is one of the great things about this game. So many games I loved over the years are unplayable because they go for the online match making model and there are no players. The fact AI is there means you can still play any mode even if there is no one and I think that is great.
This is especially important for games with a small player base like this one.

I would like to see some no weapon racing in both modes. I personally think it should be random whether weapons are enabled or not or something like 25% of races have weapons disabled.
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Agreed that there should be straight up no weapons / items races. It's what the original MM games were about - pure driving skill.

The weaponized combat is fun but I find it frustratingly random - too many times I've lost races (and points due to low grid finishes) just because everyone else seems to get the exact right weapon (eg. a hammer) at the exact right time and I get pretty much nothing to defend / fight back with. It sort of takes the idea of "skill" out of it when the guys around you just keep getting the perfect weapon for the situation while you can't seem to draw the same luck. I remember, specifically, being behind the leader in a race and picked up 5 bombs in a row. 5. I can't fire forwards with that. So I just had to sit back and let the 1st place driver win (he was extremely good with his own bomb placement which meant getting close to him impossible).

Straight up races with no items or weapons? Would be a nice change of pace. It'd be down to straight up skill and track memorization. I'd love to see it.
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