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Modding dev tool

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I think it would be a good breath for the game if the developers add a modding tool with physics generated by codemasters(for example you select the category of the mod and it will use the same physics for every car added, and for the sound you can select the one that is more suitable with the car), so the modders can just add 3d model for the cars and fill even more the car list, and in my opinion the 3d models of RBR aren't so much worse than D4 or DR, just because of the poor graphics of the game looks crap, but in renders they look awesome. 
I know it is impossible because of licensing and that sort of things, buuut instead of a dead game... 
Why Codemasters games can't have car mods and any anymore other games yes? , and if I am not wrong AC and rF2 have built tools for the modders

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If I still had my pc, I'd love a version with access to the physics parameters 

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