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My steering wheel has a mind of its own!


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Hello, I just bought Dirt 4 for PS4. I use the Thrustmaster T150 wheel/pedals. It worked great with Dirt Rally but with this game it's a disaster. The button input is fine, but once I actually get into an event and start driving the wheel spins/steers on its own. I have to continuously fight with it in order to get it to go where I want. Manually turning the wheel is really hard- the wheel resists it- and if I let go of the wheel while still accelerating, the wheel will continue to spin around and go right/left/whatever to its heart's content. I already called Thrustmasters and they said the issue is with the game's settings and if I adjust it then the wheel should work. But I haven't been able to figure out what to change. Please help!
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