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Latest Movie/Tv show you watched

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Herby007 said:
Just watched the first episode. Pretty damn good, hopefully it doesn't go through Second Season Shit all happens Syndrome. 
Nah, that's season 4.
Are you kidding? Skip season 2, you won't miss anything.
Agreed on season 2, but I'm not kidding about season 4. It's just people walking.
Pun intended?

[spoiler]Season 4 is pretty boring but far more interesting than season 2. The Governor's attack and the finale are pretty good. Also think the Beth/Daryl in search of a drink ep is alright.[/spoiler]
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@onetwothree [spoiler]True, it is better than season 2, but it only really picked up after Beth was kidnapped. Before that I was like "come on! Enough with all these emotional episodes!". I'd say parts of the in search of a drink was good, but most of it had this awful 'oh look Daryl's gonna make out with a kid' kinda vibe. Saying that, the actress who plays Beth is older than me lol, before I thought she was pretty cute but too young, now... She's hot :p [/spoiler]
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@onetwothree [spoiler]Haha! Yea, that's kinda creepy! She's playing an 18yr old flirting with a 13 yr old... And she's actually 29 while he's 15. Actors are strange people. She's still hot though.
My god, Andrea was so dense! Lori was pretty dumb, and a bit annoying, but Andrea was just the worst. It sounds bad, but I was quite pleased when she was killed off. Bloody woman couldn't ever make up her mind.[/spoiler]
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The Walking Dead s5 e3.

[spoiler]I thought that Gareth and the Terminites would last a lot longer than they did. The Governor took a season and a half to finally die and if I'm being honest, I'm a little disappointed that he didn't stick around long enough for me to really hate him.[/spoiler]
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Went to watch a movie with the family earlier, can't remember what it's called though as it's so flippin long. It's something like Alexander and his awful bad day?

Anyway, it's got Steve Carrell in it and surprisingly I really enjoyed it! Some quite funny moments, and while it was crazy at times, just really enjoyable.
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Platy said:
Mega bump.

Mad Max - 8.5/10. Probably the 2nd best film I've seen this year. Managed to avoid the spoilers from @RevolvingPrawn. Great film if you like action.

Watch the trailer, specifically 1:13 and 1:23.


Now how was what I wrote spoilers? You can clearly see him sat with the good guys... I didn't even mention what his noble act was. Could have been spraying his nob silver and waggling it in the bad guys face for how much of a 'spoiler' my post was.
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Jurassic World - 8/10
I went in with low expectations, but damn it was awesome. Probably going to be in my top 5 for this year.

Update on films I've seen since I last posted
San Andreas - 7/10 - Pretty fun film. Alexandra Daddario improved it for a couple of reasons.
Spy - 7/10 - Jason Statham made this film imo.
Pitch Perfect 2 - 6/10 - Not as good as the first

Going to see Minions, Entourage and The Longest Ride next week. Love having a cinema card. 
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Infinity War last night, and finished off season 2 of The Crown tonight.

For all you Marvel fans, it's more or less what you'd want from an Avengers movie. Some funny moments, some good fight and battle scenes. But I think the first 3/4's were a fair bit better than the last 1/4th.
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