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Steam Patch?

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Talk about being on a roll. This is just getting comical, my daily stop for a good laugh. What has CM broke with another patch today??

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Well my G27 has somehow gone from allowing me to do a 2:16 lap of Bathurst all the way down to 2:21 so I was unable to improve on my  6:55 time for the intel challenge. Best I was able to manage with the exact same settings was 7:15! And no it's not a fault with the wheel it'self as all other games (Assetto Corsa, Dirt 3 etc are fine).

Way to go codies, much more of these balls ups an I'll be binning GAS and head off to play Assetto corsa instead! Dirt 4? Not until the bargain basement copy turns up as I no longer trust CM to,

a) to make a game that works from day 1.
b) update a game without the update causing some other fault.

Sent a support request as per the thread for reporting tech issues 2 days ago and not a word.....

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