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fIsince08 said:
AMS97KRR said:
I thought Rossi was at Caterham?

I wonder if Red Bull will try to get Verstappen in the seat at all? They got Ricciardo in at HRT in the British GP 2011.
Not when Marussia have a Ferrari engine.
Fair point, but then Ferrari has just been allowed Vettel, RBR don't have to let him go. 

We'll see...
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No. Vettel's going to Ferrari and Alonso is 90% at Mclaren. Anything else is fiction. 

The only glitch in the Alonso-Mclaren deal reportedly going around is that Alonso only wants a one year contract so he has the option to join Mercedes in 2016, while Mclaren want longer term commitment. But really, what are the chances there is going to be a Mercedes seat in 2016? Why would either Hamilton or Rosberg want to leave for the next 3 or 4 years if they continue to provide brilliant cars? Can't help but think Fernando is clutching at straws there. 
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To be fair to pitlanetalk there is a lot of publications that have said Vettel would've been announced at Ferrari today, since it's Marchionne's first official day as Ferrari president (which of course as well means Di Montezemolo has officially left). So I can see how Fleet Street has put 2 and 2 together, but unfortunately on this occasion they've come to 5. Ferrari might be waiting for Alonso's announcement first. 
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So when McLaren refused to increase on less than half that amount 2 years ago so he'd stay, they suddenly offer Lewis 40M to return and what is supposedly a third higher than they offered Alonso. 

Something doesn't add up.

EDIT: How does one embed the twitter feed, cheers?  
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mike96 said:
Vergne apparently is having talks to retain his STR seat, that would be nice!
The problem is what would the chances of him staying beyond next year? He'd really have to shine to guarantee himself a seat somewhere else as STR won't keep him any further than that. 
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If I was Jean-Eric, I would be looking elsewhere for a drive. Why would you stay at Toro Rosso after a 17 year old rookie takes your seat mid season, and then when a seat at Red Bull does come up, they take the younger driver with less points than you. If Ricciardo happens to leave in the next year or so then you have to assume that they'll take Verstappen and put him in there, so if I was him I'd be out of there where you might actually get a better drive.

But the question is, where does he go?
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