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2017 Snapchat British Grand Prix

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Dude, you liked RBR and Vettel, so of course you'll see it differently. For those of us who didn't, it felt like he won every other race. Which if he won 45% of the races is damn close to being true.

And if RBR won 53% of the races during that time, that is still domination. Less so than Merc, but still domination. Do you know what the percentage for the other teams are? Like what percentage did Ferrari and McLaren win during those seasons?

And personally, I'd rather watch 14-16 again over 10-13. 2012 was a very good season, but seeing Vettel just erode Alonso's (who was in the 3rd best car) points lead in the last part of the season was depressing. And then being gifted positions in the final race after the collision he caused at the start sucked complete ass. I'll never watch Brazil 2012 ever again.

Really trhough man, this is all just a matter of perspective, which I guess we've already established. People who like Vettel and RBR enjoyed 10-13. People who like Hamilton and Merc have enjoyed 14-16. Simple as that really, stats or no stats.
And people who like Ferrari have been suicidal for close to a decade. I feel like we're all in the same boat here.

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But the 9 wins is part of 10-13, so you can't take those out of the equation :p Try as you might to prove otherwise, Vettel winning so frequently got boring for people who didn't like him. And that's just that dude. It's the same for people who don't like Hamilton, it's the same for people who didn't like Schumi, it was the same for people who didn't like Mansell, Senna, Prost, Etc...

And that's reality to you. To a Lewis fan, it feels like Rosberg took a fair few victories from him, and like Hamilton hasn't won enough yet ;) I'm sure you feel the same way about Vettel.

I thought Canada 2011 was the best race in history? Brazil was pretty decent, for the most part, and I could understand why Vettel fans would think it's one of the best. Personally I think Brazil 2008 was better ;) Also Vergne and Schumi moved out of his way. Gifted 2 places mate. Before that he was 9th and Alonso would have been WDC. Or maybe 4 if you consider that Hulk took himself and Hamilton out of 1st and 2nd lol.

I think neutrals would prefer to watch 2006-2009, cos those 4 seasons had 4 different champions and really were a variety. Your favourite driver won 10-13 so you naturally have a preference for those seasons. And you underestimate my useless power of remembering who won at which race to your peril, good sir! :p
Course, but you see what I was saying I hope ;)

A lot of people rate Brazil very highly, I was surprised how many people said it was the best online. All opinion of course but it was one of the best season finales ever. Vergne would have been easy pickings anyway!

I don't disagree with that statement, 2006-2009 was a great time to watch F1. I can remember things quite well in relation to F1 but honestly I'd struggle to go through all the winners from like 6 years ago  :D I'd be impressed if anyone could. Maybe it's just a season by season thing. I reckon I could do a good job on 2010 and 2012 but 2011 is sort of a blur, along with 2013. 

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All this number crunching proves one thing, though. Objectively, I repeat, objectively(!) the Merc domination was way worse than the Red Bull one. In fact, it has been the greatest domination of any team this sport has ever seen. And you can't argue against that since the numbers prove it. The only team coming close to those number is McLaren, but that's about it.

I also find it funny how Seb gets bad rep for Brazil 2012. Schumi and Red Bull helped him? Yeah, they did. But Nando got help from Massa. Multiple times throughout the season. Remember that unnecessary gearbox change in Austin?

Then again, for some reason, people always liked to bash Vettel. Wins multiple championships? The car did it! His teammate couldn't keep up! This and that. But guess what, the same can be said for pretty much every world champion.
Not to mention the flack Ferrari got for Monaco and Austria. Red Bull pulled a similar move in Monaco which resulted in Ricciardo getting a podium, but for some reason this gets gladly ignored. They used Kimi as a roadblock in Austria - very true. But the Mercs did the same in Spain with Bottas. Where is the flack for that?
Or that rotten 2014 year for Seb. Which a lot of people use to discredit his skills. Not like Lewis ever had a bad year, right? *cough* 2011 *cough*

Anyway, here's hoping the title fight isn't over yet. 'Cos a repeat of 2013 only with Lewis at the top wouldn't please anyone. (Apart from Hamilton fans and Brits.)

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People already talking about 3 years of further domination even though Vettel's still leading the WDC and there are 10 races to come. It's been two weeks since Vettel lost out on pole by fluffing the last corner and finished less than a second behind race leader Bottas. You folks remind me of this:

Tone it down a notch, will you? Jeezus...

But you're not stupid Dan, you can see the way this season is headed. The first 4 races the Mercedes' was overweight and wasn't full 2017 spec, we only saw the full 2017 Mercedes car in Spain. Since then it's been the clear cream of the crop. Monaco aside, which is pretty much hand built for Ferrari's short wheelbase against Mercedes' very long wheelbase - and even then they were only half a tenth off pole. Austria was better but the only reason it finished so close was because of Bottas' terrible tyre blisters in the second stint - in the first stint when the tyres were working he had an enourmous advantage. 

As for so called periods of domination, like it or not the Mercedes' domination is nothing like we've seen in the last two decades. Schumacher had his hands full with Hakkinen/McLaren for years, and then Raikkonen/Montoya in the epic 2003 season. In 2010 we had five championship contenders, 2012 had eight different race winners through the season with one of the greatest championship finales - Brazil 2012 still holds the record (or close to the record) for most overtakes in a race ever (144), that's without even taking in to account the dramatic title battle. 

My point is while Schumacher and Vettel had certain years where they dominated, there were at least chunks of their "domination" where they had very viable outside threats which were very entertaining. For 3 straight years Mercedes' have had zero outside threat, which alone makes it a lot less satisfying to watch. And, as previously mentioned, it's in danger now of becoming a 4th. 

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@ Seb
Regarding Spain: Vettel lost out on pole by completely fluffing the last sector more than the others. In the race he lost out to Lewis because of Bottas blocking him and the timing of the VSC plus Mercedes nailing their last pitstop with Lewis. The fact that Lewis got past him easily was down to the medium tyre being so much slower that Vettel was defenseless. I didn't see a clear advantage for Mercedes in Spain.

Regarding Austria, we'll have to agree to disagree. The Mercedes was the car to beat on US, the Ferrari was the car to beat on SS. Qualifying was damn close aswell, so no clear advantage to Mercedes.

And once again, the battle for the WDC went down to the wire in both 2014 and 2016, which made both seasons infinitely more interesting to watch than 2011 and 2013, at least regarding the top spot. 2010 was an amazing season championship-wise, but most of the races were damn boring with hardly any overtakes. In 2012 we had the tyre lottery at the beginning of the season, which made things artificially more interesting. Nothing I'd personally like to see again. Sure, some races stood out in these few seasons, but we also had some terrific races in 2015, a season which overall is regarded as one of the most boring ones. Remember Hungary or the US-Grand Prix? That's two races I'll remember for a long time. Bahrain 2014 was a thriller despite one team having an advantage of more than 2 secs per lap once they turned up their engines. And that's just a few races off the top of my head.

2017 so far has been an amazing season, with 3 drivers fighting for the WDC. Until things really go completely Mercedes' way from now onwards and they start to dominate the rest of the season, I struggle to see why you're this negative regarding 2017.

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@ Dan (good idea because it's quite a long thing to quote :L)

Agreed Vettel has never been good through S3 in Spain, but both Ferrari's were losing time there all weekend. In the race Lewis' pace when he was on the mediums was competitive vs Vettel was on the softs, so I believe he would've had a good shot even in a straight fight. Spain was one of the closer fights but it was still in favour of Mercedes'. 

For me it made no sense that Bottas had the worse pace out of the top 4 when he was the one on the freshest SS tyres of them all. Imo he was just suffering with uncharacteristically high blistering compared to the others (something that was visible by the tyres) which contributed to the apparent lack of pace. Lewis' pace on the SS at the time was good. Qualifying was always likely to be close around Austria because it only has 8 real corners. But as you say, I guess agree to disagree on that one. 

The title fights from the last few years though haven't really wetted the appetite, so to speak. Partly, as mentioned before, it is just one team dominating so the lack of competition meant if one driver has a bad day he finished 2nd. And partly because one driver for the vast majority of the 3 years had a clear advantage on the other. Let's face it the only reason those two titles went to the final race was due to good fortune for Nico. If we're comparing, 2010 + 2012 went to the last race based on it being a really close battle between closely matched driver/team pairings. And thank god Nico did have some good fortune otherwise we would've had 3 seasons like 2015, which was indeed one of the most boring seasons I've personally seen despite the occasional highlight. 

2017 has been good so far on the whole in terms of the championship (there have been good races but it's also had a few forgettable ones), but my fears are founded on what we have seen recently and what it means going forward. Clearly you don't think the same way and that's fine, we'll see how it develops.

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