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Codemasters are on track with Grid Autosport

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This post is simply my appreciation to the work of developers. While there are issues to be resolved, I think it is a process of learning even for developers and the progress in future titles seems promising if the results are as good as below. Video games are constantly in development to be far from perfect. Codemasters and all similar developers are offering products to the best of their approach and abilities each year. I feel most of  the criticism is pointless and deprive you from any fun. After all you are playing for fun time and not for real racing or anything.

I posted a video of racing very hard AI on Barcelona. This is by far the best one of the game racing experience I had. At least on open wheel category, I find AI behavior excellent if you are up to competition. Handling is something to be kept on improving but when it is good enough, you start to focus on the real thing...racing. Simulation should not be about just slippery handling but other factors bringing the overall feeling of thrill and speed associated with racing. The much criticized blurry cockpit is even better in some ways than cg looking static 3d frame of car interior in some mainstream simulators.  In the end, I don't see many titles offering such speeding competition and the need for speed. It will be awesome to experience in future when similar titles are presented in properly implemented VR solutions.


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Joke thread? CM is more lost than ever.

Releasing games with the same glitches repeatedly (game save, anyone?) and a stale design of never-ending menus and lobbies combined with poor matchmaking, limited playlists and blatant anti-consumer withheld/locked content sold as DLC.

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I mainly play single player without any problems, so have no good idea about online issues. But I meant that leaving aside the bugs, the game is a good one to carry further and be inspired from. The platform is indeed worthy of more dlc content and nice fictional speedy tracks.

Does anyone know of any other title offering better game play on steering as shown in the video? I don't see any and thus feel not to complain but only to request.

I am in favor because I haven't seen better titles yet. Stock car extreme is only one I found has dynamic camera with speed with handling but looks like a test project more than a finished product. Project cars looks promising for future and hope it will run without breaking a bank.  Rest are simulators which are bland and boring makes me question what fun am I wasting long hours for.  I feel that arcadish tint is somewhat necessary for any video game and Grid Autosport provides that very well.
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