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Help a noob please! GAS

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I'm a very casual gamer, can anyone help me please on GAS. 

How do you all get so much money? I take it then you can buy cars, can you only race these on multiplayer then?

Sorry the instructions (to me) are not very clear how you actually play the game! 

I've atarted a career, slowly doing events is this all I have to do?

Tips also gratefully accepted. No idea on tuning, or addition or when I can use them!

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Yeah, as always in CM games, it is insanely good documented. There is hardly any try and error to get how it works. /sarcasm off

Earn money...
Racenet challenges:
You get 20k for reaching platinum time, 15k (I think) for gold and 10k or so for silver. Due to poor programming, you can, if you are fast enough for plat., get the money for every medal. Reach the silver time in an event, cash in, then redo it and get gold, after that repeat for plat. In that order! Once you earn platinum you can't get the others anymore. With 6 events that makes 270k alone.
-> This is an easy way to level a new car aswell, as you get a pretty decent xp bonus for each medal. Do the medals with that car (if possible) and it should be around lvl 20 and you have basic tuning already.
After the challenge week ended you get a bonus for your time in the user rankings, as seen in the discipline-menu ("you are in the top x%")
100k for top 1%, 85k for top 3%, after that I'm not that sure. You are further accounted for top 6%, top 10%, top 15% and the award money drops accordingly. Best way you can get 6x100k plus the theoretical 270k for medals, if you do that procedure. Makes you close to a million every week.

In racing you are awarded for clean races (no touchy touchy), position and number of players left behind aswell (winning in a lobby of 12 players gives you more than winning amongst 6 people). If you use your own car for the races, as you level it up, you get a percentage bonus for the cars level (+1% per 2 lvls). Sponsors on the other hand are a joke more or less. Most times it makes only 5% of your earnings in a race and simply covers the repair costs. If you finish half decent you should be able to cash in 15-25k every race.

Navigate to the tuning option/part and you'll see a lvl on the right. That's the cars' level needed to buy that part. For tuning itself just play around in time trial. Except for gear ratio and downforce pretty much everything should be set up to match your 'driving style'. Yes, some say there is no 'driving style', but you yourself should know if you enjoy cars that understeer, oversteer or are perfectly neutral. Tune them accordingly and it is more fun to drive and you'll be faster when driving happy. :D 
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Two of the most important tips I can give you when racing online against others. Slow down for the 1st turn in any race type at any track (except ovals). It is a lot harder to win the race in the 1st corner.  But it is by a long ways easier to lose the race in the 1st corner.

And my 2nd tip is find the reset button and when in doubt use it!!! You will gain a lot more respect from other players if you do not hit reset & just sit in the middle of the track and cause a big pile-up.

Bonus tip: turn on the track line help. That will help you get familiar with the different tracks. Hopefully this helps you out some. If you want to know more, then just ask more questions.
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^ This, but if you start on the front row, don't slow down, go at racing speed. Sometimes 1st corner pile ups are caused by cautios people in front
.....and if you're not on the front row remember to brake at the first corner so you don't smash into the ppl in front of you.  Very often 1st corner pile ups are caused by ppl behind the front row who aim win the race at the first corner and don't like to brake.
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