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Error Report - DiRT 4 has stopped working


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Hi all,

We're aware that some of you are experiencing this error - in which case, we'd advise you to do the following:

If the game has stopped responding, please take a look below to see if we have diagnosed your issue. If not, press “Send Report”.

If possible please also provide any additional information about what you think is causing the issue and what you were doing at the time.

 Access Violation at address 0x* in module RTSSHooks64.dll + 0x*

MSI Afterburner is not officially supported with DiRT 4 and has crashed; it is recommended MSI Afterburner is disabled before playing DiRT 4.

 Access Violation at address 0x* in module *EZFRD64.dll + 0x*

USB Vibration device driver has crashed. Please make sure your USB device drivers are up to date for your peripherals (You may be using a generic windows driver instead of the correct driver).

 Devices not in the official support list are not guaranteed to work. The devices mentioned below definitely will not work due to driver issues:

 - C:\Windows\USB Vibration\VID_11FF&PID_3331\EZFRD64.dll - PHANTOM HAWK Flightstick – Prone to crashing with 64bit executables.

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I've just bought the game right now and now it's the error message. : "Access violation at address 0x10003654 in module 'EZFRD64.dll' + 0x3654.
C: \ Windows \ USB Vibration \ 7906 \ EZFRD64.dll "
I have attached a "acme GA 08" game controller to the machine, since you have given this error message. is there a solution to this problem? I bought the game controller to play with this game.

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I've got the same error with Hama uRage Gripz wheel. I just renamed the file EZFRD64.dll to EZFRD64.dll.bak and the game run but inside the game settings it is not possible to chose/adjust the pedals. Wheel works (car turns left and right), but no acceleration/brake pedals working. Acceleration/brake working from wheel buttons but it's inconvenient. Does anyone have working configuration file or can help with another advice. Can codemasters do anything to help users use their devices.
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