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I created a racenet account with F12013 and also used it for Grid 2, I am using the same one for Grid Autosport. I wanted to try and form a Grid Autosport club so I went to racenet.com. I think something went wrong with the steam account linking, and I somehow managed to created another new racenet account that is linked to the same email as the one I have been using for years. Now I can only log in on the racenet site with this new account - which won't connect to steam, just says: "The Steam profile you are trying to link is already linked to a different Codemasters Account". I see no option to delete this new account, and there is only an option to log in with an email - no username - so I have no choice but to log in with this new useless account that isn't linked to steam or anything. I can search my original username and see my normal account, but I can't access it anymore, because they use the same email address! PLEASE HELP :)     

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