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Please help before son throws PS4 out the window!! Wheel wont sync!

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Hi guys hope you can help

we just bought our son a PS4 which came with the RWA wheel setup.

We turned on F1 2016 and plugged the pedals into the back of the wheel. And the wheel USB into the front of the PS4.

When we go to game settings it only has dual shock controller to chose from.

The only button that works on the game via the wheel is the PS button. Pressing this allows us to go to the blue main PS4 menu and scroll around using ther wheel. As soon as you press PS button again it goes back to the game and the wheel does nothing.

What are we doing wrong please?!?!

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Have you gone to the input/control settings menu to make sure the default device is the wheel? This is usually a thing on PC, not sure about PS4. FYI, I don't have F1 2016 but the similar thing happens on Dirt 4.

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ok thanks. where is that input control setting menu please? on the game itself it only has dualshock as a control setting

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Not sure how useful or up to date it is, but mentions the switch someone else aluded to and some other things:

Racing Wheel Apex for PlayStation®4 Compatibility

Compatible PlayStation®4 Racing Game Titles


Dirt Rally


F1 2015

Motorcycle Club

Need for Speed*

Need for Speed: Rivals

Project CARS

Sebastian Loeb Rally Evo

Trackmania Turbo


Other Compatible PlayStation®4 Titles

Farming Simulator 15*

MotoGP 14*

MotoGP 15*

Motorcycle Club*

Race the Sun


Rocket League*

Tour de France 2015

Trials Fusion

Trials Fusion: Awesome Level Max*

*The Racing Wheel Apex for PlayStation®4 does not have Touch Pad functionality. 
In-game functions that require the Touch Pad may not function.

If you experience any compatibility issues, please try the following steps: 
1. Make sure the Racing Wheel Apex is set to Player 1 by pressing the “PS Button” on the Racing Wheel and selecting your user profile with the Racing Wheel Apex.
2. Make sure the Platform Toggle Switch on top of the Racing Wheel Apex is set to “PS4-N” when using on PlayStation®4.
3. Adjust control settings in game options.
4. Make sure the PlayStation®4 system software and the game software is updated to the latest version.
5. Reset all assigned functions to default by holding the ASSIGN Button for three seconds and Pressing the PS Button.

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