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Unfair view rules, make DiRT games great again...

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hi all,
I will continue my quest here, important for me, i open a thread to speak about  my idea of the view rules,
here : http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/54616/unfair-view-rules-made-the-game-more-equitable#latest

I think, since long time, DiRT games need a split leaderboard or a view filter !
Coz, the difficulty is really not the same, for many, many reasons, if you play inside (Cockpit/Dashbord) or outside (Bonnet) !
So, we should compare the timming with the same view conditions !
It' s really important to make the game more equitable, coz the first rules in sport is the equity !
Hope codemasters can here me soon !  ;)

Hope players vote in intelligency and with a fair play spirit, thanks !
Sorry for my bad english :)
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kobeshow said:
the option to enforce inside views in multiplayer (like all other options currently) and in the upcoming leagues (clubs).
Yep, will be an interesting option,
The avantage about a filter view is than everyone can race together, and everyone can filter what he want compare !
Thanks you kobeshow, to give your opinion about !
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