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Multiplayer Lobby & Single play career mode....

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...are literally all it takes to make this poor game into a very good game.

You are either going to listen to the fans and get it done or just wash your hands of it/us and go silent.

Which is it going to be?

Can you at least give us a clue as to the general feel in the office right now? In your heart of hearts you must know how this is likely to pan out....

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I'm disappointed at two things, mainly, with Micro Machines.

The original MM games on Megadrive, generally speaking, had around 25 to 30 tracks in total. This one - in 2017 and with all of the current hardware on offer - has 9. Just 9. Well, 10 if you count "Learner Loop" (and I don't since it's only available in Skirmish mode). We really, desperately, need more than this.

Which then brings me to point 2 - the lack of "Challenge" mode or single player mode in any case is clearly down to the lack of content in my view. There was a 25 race challenge in MM2 on the Megadrive. But therein lies the problem - that game had the tracks to cope with it whereas this one just doesn't. I feel that this mode was neglected simply because there wasn't enough content with which to implement it at launch.

All of these complaints are a shame, really, because I really, truly adore the core experience on offer in MM World Series.

I think the graphics are pretty solid, performance is good, the cars are fun, the track designs are excellent (as usual for a MM game) and the gameplay is fast and fun.

I'm not overly fond of the push towards combat-based racing but I can get by with it. I just feel that it makes the races a matter of sheer luck as opposed to pure skill and track memorization (something MM games in the past relied on for you to succeed).

I've lost count of the number of races that I've lost due to my opponent racers getting the exact right weapon for the given situation at the exact right time - leaving me massively vulnerable to attack and dropping down the grid as a result. I've also lost count of the amount of times I've been just behind the leading car and every weapon box (6 in a row in one race - honestly couldn't believe it) gave me the blue bomb that drops down behind your car. Which is absolutely useless for attacking anyone in front of you. I just had to sit back (since the lead cars own bomb placements were very well placed on his / her part) and accept that I'd have to take 2nd at best in that race.

Overall, though, I can ignore the combat side and just get on with it. Sometimes games change to move with the times and I accept that. While I'm often frustrated by the combat - it's still a lot of fun.

However that lack of a proper, in depth single player "Challenge" mode is the real killer with this game. Does it have potential? Hell yes. What's there shows the promise this game has. Will it ever fulfill its potential? Only Codemasters themselves can decide that...
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