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A few personal requests


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Just to make things nicer :)

1.. Would it be possible to place cars purchased into sub categories (similar to the showroom and classifieds) just to make things a little easier when viewing your personal selection in the garage.

2.. Freeplay championships (from career mode). Still with AI driver names but using leaderboard times directly above and below you instead of times generated by the difficulty setting. It would certainly make events much closer and considerably more interesting to those who want to aim higher on the leaderboards.

3.. "Brutal" AI. I'd like to restat career mode with much harder AI but can only use the brutal difficulty within the ''fearless'' conditions. It would be nice if i could use this difficulty setting within my personal preferences.

4.. Maybe adapting the track editor to allow joining the start and finish points together to create circuits. It's probably not viable with most locations but Michegan certainly seems wide enough to stick 4-6 buggies on for some contact racing. Or even used as an extra mode to include the Destruction Derby cars from Dirt 3 (or was it Grid 2 - i forget). Just another option to try and entice the multiplayer community back online.

Thanks for reading.

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1 & 4. Yes please!

1- Some type of sorting, not just the default order in which they were purchased. Class makes the most sense, but could also go by maker, and an option to assign favorites.

4- Something between fearless and tough, with the brutal AI, but option for some assist. It can start off at 90% bonus, and reach high 90s with all assist off, and goes to fearless if you turn off external cams
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A couple things cross my mind:

When the standings are shown, put the #1 driver first, not the user.  If I finish 4th I don't want to have to scroll up at the end of every stage to see the times that are faster than mine.  Unless I finish first every stage, well then it's perfect.  ;)

When wipers are are set to manual control, don't make me have to shut them off at the beginning of every stage, unless it's already raining then have them default to 'on'.
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