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Current Season and General Game Feedback

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We're down to 23 days remaining in the current season and so I'd just like to ask how everyone has found it so far and if they'd have any suggestions as to how to improve the experience for future seasons.

I'm currently sitting in 27th after approx. 400 ranked races in total and have had an absolute blast with it so far.
There have been a few glitches and frustrating moments along the way but there has been a lot of fun had, too.

Please bear in mind that I have not played any mode in the current season except for Races. I'm just not interested in Battle or Elimination modes all that much.

So what do I like about the season?
  1. The randomness of the race selections - been a good spread across all 9 available tracks.
  2. The fact that I now seem to be involved with many races which include a lot of human players - had several full human grid races today alone.
  3. Even in the races where I haven't seen a full grid of human racers, I've generally had 4 to 6 human opponents with 6 to 8 AI. Which is perfectly fine.
  4. The division system meant that I always had something to aim for (ie. to reach Elite initially and then push on to Top 100).
  5. The leaderboard means that I'm constantly looking at who is near to me in the table and thinking "OK I'll have a few races and catch up with this next group of racers".
  6. Generally speaking there have been many races whereby I've had an insane amount of fun all the way through the season thus far.
And now on to the stuff that I feel they should do to improve things:
  1. The 9 current tracks are fine but I genuinely can't see players wanting to play through an entire new season all over again on just these 9 tracks. We need more tracks. I still feel that the best time to announce a few new tracks would be after the current season ends and before the next season starts (preferably as close to the current season ending as possible to maintain player interest).
  2. If you're outside the current Top 100 in the season leaderboard, you simply cannot see who is around you in the table, how many points they have etc. It would be nice if players outside the Top 100 were given an additional snapshot view - say showing the 5 nearest players to them both above and below their current ranking.
  3. The season really is quite long. I know that Codemasters want to keep people playing the ranked events but it's beginning to feel like it's dragging on a bit. There are still over 3 weeks left!
  4. Only 40 points for a race win and only the Top 4 in a race getting points seems a bit too strict in my eyes. Especially as it leads me in to my next point...
  5. The points reduction system is far too strict, too. A bit of bad luck in any event can potentially cost you 80 points. It just seems very unfair to take so many points away especially as the races themselves can prove to be something of a lottery with the combat based racing format.
  6. Points deductions (at all) seem a bit unfair and very harsh in their strictness. Why not have a system in place whereby you start to lose points for poor results and / or DNF's in consecutive races? It's a bit harsh to be, generally speaking, a constant Top 4 racer (which I try my best to be) and yet one poor result (usually due to plain bad luck with opponents getting the right weapons at the right time) destroys a few races hard work in one swift swoop.
  7. I'd love to see an expansion on the "Player Bio" whereby you can see how many races you've won, placed 2nd in, placed 3rd in etc. all the way to how many times you DNF. Would be even nicer if you were given a further breakdown and provide individual track stats so as you can see which tracks are your strongest ones (ie. which ones you've won the most, came 2nd in the most etc.) and which ones you've struggled on the most (ie. which ones you've placed poorly in the most).
  8. It's been mentioned by a few people, and I believe Codemasters are working on this, but kicking you back to the main menu after each online race is a bit frustrating.
  9. The servers need huge improvements as regards lag. I've a solid internet speed and my PS4 is using a wired connection too. Yet when the servers are full of players, lag is a realistic and often race-destroying issue. I've watched my screen slow to a crawl while everyone else playing in that race just sails past in many races. It's frustrating as hell!
  10. Also relating to the servers - there are still far too many connection timeouts and kicking players out mid-session incidents occurring. I really hope something is being done to resolve this.
  11. We desperately need a single player campaign. Even if we had to race on each track twice to make a 20 race challenge mode - at least it would be something! Anything! It's a huge void which I think all Micro Machines fans wish to have filled. Ideally we'd see some additional races added to the base game along with the inclusion of this mode.
  12. I'd love to see an option for online racing whereby you don't have to include the weapons. Just let all 12 racers out there to go for it. Pure track memorisation and skill with no weapons involved. Maybe randomise this for future ranked events so as you won't know which track you're getting and / or whether it includes weapons until it finds you a game to race in? Would keep it interesting with different experiences on each track each time you play.
This is all I can come up with for now. Obviously not all ideas might prove to be good ones but having now spent over 1 days worth of hours on the game - this would be my feedback on what's needed to improve the current base game.

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I agree with a lot of what you have posted.
Ranked season is way to long should be 3 weeks maximum but ideally 2 weeks. It seems strange that we have to wait another 3 weeks to get our loot box rewards. 
The grind needs to be reduced a bit takes forever to level up once you get past level 20 and loot boxes and money hard to come by my suggestion would be to give money to people finishing first, second and third in ranked races would help speed up the process even if it was only 30,20,10. 
The game is fun its just some really odd decisions that is killing the game.
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Some good points here.

XP & coins for sure. I saved over 30 loot crates to open once i'd Prestiged as I knew I needed 6k to buy all skins for one vehicle, only to amass 2600k in coins! :/ over 200 online races I couldnt belive it!!

The thought of having to prestige again is a big turn off for me, just to 'hopefully' double my earnings. 

The Tooled Up trophy is all I need now but getting the remaing 10 items I need to level up one vehicle is something Codemasters are making me bloody grind hard for!! :(
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The Tooled Up trophy is all I need now but getting the remaing 10 items I need to level up one vehicle is something Codemasters are making me bloody grind hard for!! :(
This trophy is glitchy - don't do what I did and race in to get it. I finally amassed enough coins to buy all items for a single vehicle.
And so I did.

No trophy awarded.
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