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DashPanel - Simracing dashboards for Android/iOS/PC/VR.

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Create fully customizable dashboard displays for your favourite racing sims on your Android/iOS device or PC (USB monitors, USB480, overlay mode on screen or VR HMD).

Single client for all supported games. Server automatically detects games and reads data with minimal configuration required.

Powerful editor allows you to modify built in dashboards or build one from the ground up. Easily download and share created dashboards online within the app.

Try the time unlimited demo version that reads RPM, Speed and Gear.
Full data unlocks can be purchased for each game via the in app store. 

Supported games
• American Truck Simulator - ATS
• Assetto Corsa (PC/PS4)
• Assetto Corsa Competizione - ACC
• Automobilista
• Automobilista 2
• BeamNG.drive
• DiRT 4 (PC)
• DiRT Rally (PC)
• DiRT Rally 2.0 (PC)
• Euro Truck Simulator 2 - ETS2
• F1 2012 - 16 (PC)
• F1 2017
• F1 2018
• F1 2019
• F1 2020
• Forza Horizon 4
• Forza Motorsport 7
• GRID 2019 (PC)
• Grid Autosport
• iRacing
• KartKraft
• Live For Speed - LFS
• Project Cars - pCars
• Project Cars 2 - pCars2
• RaceRoom Racing Experience - R3E
• rFactor
• rFactor 2


Available for Android on the GooglePlay store:

for PC on Steam:

for Apple iPhone and iPad on the AppStore:

Edited by BernoAU
update details

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Thanks man :)
I see that F1 2017 greatly expands the shared data so am looking forward to utilising all that when it comes out!

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New build released.

Client 1.3.1:
Data pages for dashboards!!
R3E GT layout demonstrating pages.
Duplicate changed to 2 step copy/paste for working with pages.
Time or Laps Remaining widget.
Fixed many text alignment issues (thanks Seb!).
New connect mode LFS UDP.

Button mapping for next page.
Detect pCARS 2 (Use pCARS 1 Shared Memory in game setting for compatibility).

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New build released.

Client v1.4.0
Console support Assetto Corsa UDP, F1 2017 UDP
New Gauge widgets Boost, Speed, Fuel, Water Temp, Oil Temp
New widgets Sports Dash, RS Dash, Fuel Lap Average and Fuel Time
New layouts 98T, F40, Classic sports
Option to switch backlight from sim
Cap option for Delta
Smoother Delta display
New font Gillsans
Oil Temperature and Water Temperature for BeamNG
Server v1.3.1.1
Improve fuel calculations.
Improve delta calculations.
Fix excessive CPU usage when button mapped.
Boost data for AC.
Oil Temperature and Water Temperature for BeamNG.

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Forgot to note the F1 2018 update here! :-/

New update release:

F1 2018 Layout and data.
Assignable Next page button for gamepad using F1 2018 UDP on console.
Fuel Mix for F1 2017.
Improvements in Live delta and Fuel usage calculations for UDP.
UDP readers improved.
Client will no longer remain hidden in overlay mode when game exits.

F1 2018 data.
Next page assignment for specific instances.
Add receive broadcast option.
Improvements in Live delta and Fuel usage calculations.

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DashPanel 1.5.6 Update

Track map widget for AC, RF 1/2, AMS, R3E, pCars, F1 2017-18
Inverted tyre wear option
Track Name widget
Fix compatibility filter in Add widget screen
rF2 new widgets Track Wetness and Rain
Added pCars UDP reader
Added Track Info layout
New option Autoload default dashboard

Improved R3E outlap detection
New command VR Reset position
Mapping data
Improved plugin updating

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DashPanel 1.5.7 Update

Editor moved L(Layer) edit to Z in position edit to make it more intuitive.
Editor now has separate return to full screen and exit button.
Aspect ratio is now saved as part of layout allowing Dashboards to scale better when opened on devices with different resolutions.
Updated all third party libraries and assets.
Added privacy opt out button for Unity Analytics.
Align with iOS version.

Fix session time in iRacing.

DashPanel is now also available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad:

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DashPanel 1.5.10 Update

-Add support for Forza (FM7, FH4)
-Experimental wheel slip warning lights in Dash Display Omega
-New Boost gauge options Units and Separator
-Add FromSim RPM light mode for F1 games
-Fix Ignore global not working for DRS and PTP
-Add Precision option to Fuel and LowFuelDecimal option
-Alpha support for Truck Sims (RPM, Speed, Gear)
-pCars 1/2 now supports Energy Total
-Differential widget for F1 2018-19
-Fix for lines not drawing in VR
-Fix for USBD480 not setting to correct resolution
-Plugin updater fix for both 32 and 64 bit registry keys

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DashPanel Update

-Client 1.6.0
In app dashboard sharing with mod.io
pCars 2 UDP reader added
Map for pCars 1/2 UDP
New damage widgets for R3E, pCars, F1 2017-19
ACC/R3E/iRacing now supports TC and ABS widget
Fuel To Finish widget
ARB for iRacing
Add wheelslip options to Warning Light
Add TargetTyre for Tyre widgets
Set default dashboard option
Step mode, min/max settings added to solid bar widgets
SLI F1 widget and dashboard
Seg7 bold italic font
Launch on Start-up option

Correctly offset brake bias for all ACC cars
Map for ACC
Launch on Start-up option
Server can now recover from corrupt configuration files


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Belated report for:
DashPanel Update 1.6.5
Support Truck simulators with many new widgets.
Support spectator mode and wheel slip in F1 2018, 19, 20.
F1 2020 hide suggested gear when zero.
All gauges now have bar mode.
Ensure network permissions dialog triggered on iOS 14 when using console connect mode.


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On 25/7/2017 at 13:43, Superd00ps said:

Muy bueno B) Una buena adición a la experiencia de juego.

Hola buenas me gustaría saber si hay algún dashboard para ps4 que funcione en aseto competición y en dirt rally 2.0 en ps4, gracias 

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