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Micro Machines World Series - v1.05. Found a bug? Post it here!

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Hi all,

Please see below for the notes on the latest update to Micro Machines World Series! As usual, please  let us know here if there's anything you've noticed any bugs, glitches or issues, or if you've spotted anything you think might've slipped through the cracks.

• Changed “Quick Play” to “AI Match” - this mode will not enter matchmaking, but Group play is supported allowing friends to play synchronously with each other against the AI if they have formed a group together. Progression is the same as previous QP, and you can use this mode to gain XP and unlock loot boxes. However, this is still an Online Only mode as the server dictates maps and game rules.

• Changed “Ranked Play” to “Public Match”.

o During a Season all events contribute points.

o Out of season, you will still enter matchmaking against other players

o This mode is no longer locked at the start of the game.

• “Skirmish” renamed to “Local Play”.

• Fixed issue with “Tooled Up” achievement/trophy not unlocking under certain conditions. This should also now unlock retrospectively for players who previously completed it.

• Lt Shields APB ultimate has been visually improved.

• Vehicles can now be rotated in the garage

• Addressed some issues with sharing ADSL line connections

• Lots of other bug fixes
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Nice to know the Tooled Up trophy has been addressed, now I just need a Double XP/Double Loot Crate weekend Special Event to get said trophy!! :wink:

All new renamed modes seem present & correct.

Going back to the Tooled Up Trophy, as i've prestiged now, played nearly 30hrs and am still 6,000 coins away from the elusive Tooled Up trophy for the platinum, any chance you could patch me the 6,000 coins, you know as a gesture of good will??

kthxbai!! ;)
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Has the AI rubber banding been increased? Was way out in front then all of a sudden the AI was on me just begore the finish with a hammer to destroy his way tothe finish line! :(
I had some games earlier where I was way ahead of the pack then some AI cars came screaming up behind me at an alarming pace!
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Hi, Xbox One gamer here.

How do I get Tooled Up to unlock retroactively? I earned all 59/59 of Dr. Mel Practice's items on July 17th and the achievement did not unlock. I downloaded the July 26th patch, and I noticed that I have unlocked the Micro Master title in-game, but Tooled Up and Micro Master Achievement still remains locked. I tried leveling up and opening another loot box and nothing has changed. Tried equipping everything one time and nothing happened.

Edit: Never mind, it finally unlocked after rebooting the game multiple times (hours apart even) and backing out to the opening screen/main menu multiple times in rapid succession. One of the most stubborn retroactive achievements I've ever dealt with. At least it's fixed! sort of

Also, a quality of life suggestion: I'd love to see the game offer some coins every time a player levels up in addition to the loot box. Loot boxes can be very inconsistent in items unlocked or coins given, so it'd be nice to have a consistent gain of coins somewhere. 

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Also, a quality of life suggestion: I'd love to see the game offer some coins every time a player levels up in addition to the loot box. Loot boxes can be very inconsistent in items unlocked or coins given, so it'd be nice to have a consistent gain of coins somewhere. 

This I couldnt agree more with.

Skins are the most expensive items in the game and you rarely unlock them via a loot crate (probably for that reason). I need minimum to buy them all now, for one vehicle I am focusing on, as this vehicle has less skins to buy, around 5-6k (I have about 3-4 skins unlocked) which I think having prestiged and now on level 20 second time around I dont think accumulatively I have earned at all. Maybe 4500k tops!

Even if its 100-500 coins every 10 levels with a loot crate or a 1000 every 1/4? It just seems that you'd have to prestige twice minimum at my current rate of gain or get super lucky with what the loot crates given to get the items and even then as i've just said there is no guarantee of getting them.

I've lost count of how many crates I've opened for it to say nearly everytime on at least two items, 'you already own this item' heres 10 coins!!!

Just seems really pointless on the coins distribution side based on trade value versus purchasable content as the gap is huge, more so especially as the items you buy or unlock are of no benefit to the game or actual gameplay itself.
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Apart from the tooled up trophy you seemed to have changed things nobody was asking for who seriously was moaning about quickplay mode? 

The main issues people have been mentioning have been ignored mainly the quitting to menu after each race and crippling levelling and loot drops.
I am in the same position as Bungle prestiged and hit level 20 again. So have to race for about an hour and half just to get 1 loot box just to open it to get 3 items you already have and a lot of the time 4 items I already have, which in turn usually gives me about 50 coins which is pretty useless as most expensive skins are 2000 coins. Your then talking levelling up 40 times to get 1 skin that's crazy!! You either need to massively increase the amount of coins given through the game or make sure loot boxes dont give you items you already have. At least if you get a duplicate item it gives you the same amount of coins as the item is to buy so you can buy a similar item be it skin, voice line or sticker.
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3 things this game needs asap!

1. Remember last vehicle you selected in Public Match
2. Re-search for another match instead of quitting out and relaunching
3. Running on PS4 Pro the frame rate now seems slower? ****!
Yeah I've been racing you the past half hour , your all over the place you laggy bugger haha
I dont really pay attention to the names but im assuming I won? :wink: Laggy? I can assure you that's the servers mate, i have a 200MB line :smiley:
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Im back!

Please, Please, Please sort the coin distribution out!!!

The last 3 level ups i've had 3 items each time that I already have & gained 150 coins in total!!!

Just remove the already owned item bollocks & give more coins or more loots crates, its not that hard to patch in surely!!

i have no idea why 50-100 coins gained compared to needing over 7000 coins to buy skins alone was a good ideA!!
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The special event for this weekend freezes on the vehicle select screen. So nobody has been able to play it yet.
Yehp, happened to me when I tried it when it went live.

This is the perfect opportunity for us all to receive free loot crates & a big coins boost, when they patch it to fix it.

Lets hope they read this and it happens. ;) 
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Yeh I managed the Loot Crate eventually (the only reason I played this event), it counted to around 120 seconds then I got in.

Not a fan of these events at all as there is no gain for doing them, the Arcade one was 'ok' and thats because it was new at the time.

You know what my thoughts are regarding what I think we should have/get regarding events, as I mention them far too often. 

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