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F1 2016 - Controller Problem PC

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I'm sorry if this kind of post isn't meant to be posted here, but i've basically lost hope of fixing this.

I'm using a Gioteck VX-2 controller on PC, configured in x360c to act like a X360-controller. My problem is as follows: when i try to steer left or right, the sensativity is extremely high. It just goes 100% right or 100% left with the tiniest movement of the thumbsticks. There is no in between, I can't make any small adjustments. As a result i just cant drive smoothly, SuperSofts blow up after 2 laps, and i fail the Tyre Management test in the first corner i take. I've tried my controller in F1 2015 as well, and everything's fine in that game. Did anything change?

Ive tried adjusting Steering Linearity & Saturation ingame, in the "action_map_preset_win.xml"-file and in X360C as well. Nothing seems to make it any less extreme.

Do you have any idea to help this oldschool F1 2006 veteran out?

Thanks a lot for any ideas you might have :)

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