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GULF Air Bahrain GP - 2014

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They should never schedule an F1 race during a DST switchover. Qualy is at 2AM DST Sunday morning here, meaning it finishes at 2AM AEST, Sunday morning. I used the F1 site time zone converter which told me the race was on at 1AM but I don't know if that's summer time or normal time. tl;dr: Fuck time zones.
Qualy and race is 4PM GMT+1
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Well if we can't talk about the race in the thread , what are we going to talk about ? Plus why would you go into a race thread if you didn't want any spoilers. A warning in the title is unnecessary and we've have never needed one before. Common sense should tell people to keep out of the thread if you don't want spoilers.
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Their social media guy got fired anyway I think. 
Still the same team in my opinion, posting style hasn't changed.

Lotus are probably one of the best Social Media teams out there in the sporting world ATM as far as I'm concerned. Even if they do take things too far, they at least humanise the sport - which is great considering most are just corporate / faceless.
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