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Kicking players on Custom Cups once event has started

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hi guys,

is there any way to kick people from Custom Cups once it has already started? from what I know, if you have 5 events, you will play the 5 events all in one go, without going back to the lobby. this means there is not time/chance to kick any oen out in case someone is messing around too much.


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brace yourself and prepare for impact :p

but seriously now, I avoid fighting back because you may end up spinning as well. I rather just stay very close to them and overtake on breaking. in case they are behind me, I change my line slightly in a way taht, if I get hit, it won't push me off the track so much. also, break sooner :)

I player GTA a lot and racing there teaches you how to deal with being hit...
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Pile drive him into the wall if he's driving like an idiot and taking you out. 
No you cant do that,  Im continuously reminded that its me who is the "dirty racer"  for this kind of thing.  

The majority of forum opinions seems to be, you just have to take it.  Its a game. Get over it.  

You CANNOT put a vote on the person, UNLESS they have the same flag as you have,  or you are branded a "Racist" .

So I guess the only thing your "allowed" to do without being insulted on the forum,  is just leave the lobby, and search again.   
Or create a custom cup where you can "impose" your own rules....e.g Dont T-bone me etc.   


Of course speedking1989 I completely agree with you, but If I had said what you said,  this thread would have been closed by now. 

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Unfortunatly there are many dumb people out there, who have no competitive AND sporty behavior and.....

I dont care if i am first or last.... Doesnt effect my live Really. If the race was funny and with fair wheel on wheel action i am happy. And with my skill there is most of the time a faster guy on track :-D thats my motivation... One day racing this guy.  And hard fighting with others every turn is only one thing......very slow 
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