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Evanzo7's Online Cars

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My enjoyment of GRID 2 wore of before I got my recording equipment up and running properly, so I never got round to making many........well any videos I had wanted to make from the game.

I did however decide to showcase a few of my online cars though, below is a link to some videos I made showing off my online cars, I may make some more in the near future but I have loads of new games I still want to play, so time will tell! :P

For now though it would be great if you checked a few out.
Just to let you know there was no rhythm or rhyme to the these designs, some parts where random and some were just what I felt at the time! :')

Link - http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSb0NONF2M4PjvIY_1tT-zCIFpfu6tQTJ

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