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The Squidly Rallycross League (Season 3. Casual)

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My name is Spooky Squid (Matterias is my old username) and for two seasons I've been running a rallycross league in small scale on DiRT Rally where we averaged about 12 participants per race weekend. Now that DiRT 4 is out I've moved the league over to that and we're getting ready to start our first season there. If you wonder how what the format's been like or what the previous results were, you can check them out at https://www.conelanders.com/rallycross/ . That website will though, for various reasons, be retired starting from this coming season. 

The rules for this coming season have not yet been completely determined because I want to determine them democratically with the people that run in the series. You can check out the preliminary rule set here https://docs.google.com/document/d/16cGcy6g3vfbZ4gZ6KBTvWVpA8CRqx19s93zOX9JokUM/edit?usp=sharing . Timeslot for the season has not yet been decided upon. Earlier seasons ran on Saturday evenings but we're in the process of deciding what to use for this upcoming season. If you've got any interest in what I'm talking about here I suggest you head over to our discord to partake in the discussions. Even if you don't know if you'll attend or if you're only looking to get some questions answered, that's fine! You're very welcome to join anyways :) https://discord.gg/88pNHvm Cya!

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