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Any Plans For New Content?

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We're finally seeing the end of the first online Season - for everyone I raced against on PS4 (xEvolutionx (the eventual winner), Shaundead, Beady23, Goto1977, Carpleix among others) I had a blast racing against you all! Really had loads of fun guys and hope to do battle again soon. I ended up 18th in the end myself - not too shabby considering I'm trying to fit game time in around my working hours and social life (not easy!)

That being said - we're now in a position where we have 17 days until our next online season. So now comes the time for me to ask "where exactly is this game going from here?"

As much as I loved my first full season playing, I'm not convinced that I want to do it all again on the same 9 tracks for another 60 or so days. I probably will but it had started to feel a little stale near to the end of the season, in my opinion. This was reflected in the online leaderboard where quite a lot of "dead" players were clearly listed in the Top 100 (their points hadn't changed in weeks).

So are we going to see any new content before the next season starts? What are Codemasters plans for this game from here? How are they going to drive this game forwards?
The races themselves are great fun. The track designs are good. The cars are good fun to drive, too. And the weapon based combat - while a bit of a lottery - certainly evens up the playing field for the most part. But we only have 9 races in total online. It's not really enough variety.

I'd like to hear something other than complete silence - I think we all deserve to know the future for this game. The potential is there. Now's the time to kick on and fulfill that potential.
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