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Could this be the reason....???

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After seeing the thread http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/3528/releasing-in-japan-2-weeks-before-everywhere-else#latest  Is it possible that all this staleness, lack of information, and  pure ignorance from CM is down to Namco Bandai? After all, before 2013 the games were published by Codemasters, but since 2013 Namco Bandai have been in charge and the fiasco in North America was their fault. Maybe this is the reason for how so much has changed with reference to no one from CM speaking anymore, because they are told not to! Only yesterday i was watching a video from last year on Youtube with Paul Jeal talking about F1 2013 and how if any negative comments are seen on the forums here, HATTA, LOORE, T4RG4 or the Devs would jump on here to defend their product, but now this no longer happens and maybe it's down to Namco Bandai, and referring to the thread 'RELEASING IN JAPAN TO WEEKS BEFORE ANYWHERE ELSE' adds weight to my thoughts. Maybe a Japanese forum now exists, and HATTA and the devs are now too busy learning Japanese in order to reply on there to have time to talk to us...............who knows!!!

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