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[F1 2017] A few BUGS I encountered while playin F1 2017 on my PS4 Pro today


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I noticed quite some bugs today after playing the game for about 5 hours in total.

PS4 Pro, Latest firmware
Logitech G29 Steeringwheel
All bugs are in Careermode, driving with Redbull, with Verstappen as a teammate

Bug 1: Formation lap
Driving in careermode, 2nd race (China) I qualified as 5th. Replaced the gearbox and got a grid penalty. I start the formation lap as 10th. By accident I overtook number 9. When I was trying to let him pass, he stayed behind me, just as all other cars. Even when I stand still all the other cars stayed behind me. 

Bug 2: 
After the second race, the race that I won, all graphics of the helmets, overalls etc where blury just before the podium ceremony. Blury as in, you saw the logo's as pixels as if the grapics are from a 1995 F1 game.

Bug 3:
As well in the first race, as in the second race, I'm starting my qualifing lap, as people come out of the pitlane. The AI cars immediately go on the racing line, and don;t go out of the way. Also when I restarted the session this starts happinging. Because of the speed difference I crash in them from behind.

Bug 4:
In the qualifing sessions, on the complete track, AI cars don;t go out of the way when you are in your fast lap, and they are in there out lap of coolingdown lap.

Bug 5:
When finished with a session, there is no way to get back to the main menu. You have to start the next session and save and exit there. This option should be available after every session.

Bug 6:
SOUND!!! On the default setting, I cannot hear my Engineer. I have to put down all sound effects to 2 and the team to 10 to hear the pitcrew and engineer on a normal way. And to get the sound good I have to turnup my volume quite dramaticly. Please adjust that so that the engineer is better hearable.
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