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F1 2017 wheel connection issue


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Hello I hope somebody can help me. Everytime I start the game, I can't connect my wheel anymore, its like that my pc doesnt recognizes it anymore. Then I need to restart my computer and after that when I plug in my wheel, everything is fine but then the game doesnt start anymore and stucks in a black screen right at the start. The first time I lauched the game, I had both wheel and game working up until that point where u go out the pitlane and can use the wheel for the first time, there my wheel disconnected again. I had the problem since the last beta (the austria and brazil one). Hoping for help since I cant play the game
Drivers are up to date, nvidia experience is uninstalled

wheel- thrustmaster t150
processor intel i5 3570k
gpu nvidia gtx 1050ti
ram 8gb
windows 10
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