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Custom Skin Tutorial??

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Can someone explain to me how to make a custom skin and import it in game?
I am going to this for the first time in my life and i am a noob for that, i have no clue what programs do i need and how to do it.I do know how to work in photoshop , not perfect but i know enough, but other than that i have no idea how to start.How to open files and unpack them (I guess thats the way) and than when i finnish paint to move them back into the game.
If someone know some tutorial , video or just text, i would be grateful.


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Yeah sorry youre right forgot that but there is a way to change them anyway as descriped here by loore.
Maybe that helps you and if not I think loore is the man to help you out with that as it is his tutorial.   :)

getting started with mods

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