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new here to dirt 3

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`hi i got the dirt 3 over last weekends sale and love dirt 3 how i setup my you tube if didnt when i first installed it and how i get more tracks and cars thanks i only installed thsi last sunday when it was on sale thanks ray sorry bad spelling im austic person thanks

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First of all welcome to the DiRT Community. I'll try to help you out.
I'm not too sure about the YouTube details but they should be there somewhere.

From my head you can find the YouTube settings under My DiRT and then there in one of the submenus, but it might as well be under the options menu. I'm sorry I can't check it at the moment.
More tracks and cars (DLC)
I think you're reffering to the cars and tracks that are not availbe because you need to purchase them. Those are DLC cars, which can't be obtained at the moment. This is because of the Games For Windows Live service being partially down. Codemasters is working on porting DiRT 3 to Steam, but this might take some more weeks/months. So until then you unfortunately won't be able to acces those cars and tracks.

I hope my explanation is clear and that you're able to find the YouTube settings, if not please let me know and I'll check it for you asap. Or maybe someone else will reply with a better answer.

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