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G29 Problem - Steam version


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I have problems with the Logitech G29.
I am using the profile that the game brings and I do not detect the steering wheel and the controls correctly.
I give you examples: The accelerator is in the clutch, repeated keys attached to various actions with the warning red triangle, etc.
All this is unchanged in the menu.
In the menu of calibration of the steering wheel also does not appear the option to vary the degrees of operation.
I downloaded some "workshop" from my G29, but the problem with the buttons is still.

No problem with my G29 in IRacing, Dirt 4, Dirt Rally, or Assetto Corsa or PCars.
My logitech Gaming software is version 8.96.81
Win 10 64b. Steam version
Thanks for the help
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No solucion for me.
Fresh install 1 week ago.
Is it possible that there are incompatibilities?
Oculus service?
Iracing service?
Although I have stopped both and the problem continues.
It seems very strange that the G29 is supported and that in the game menu comes out the icon of the clutch in the throttle. (I.e.
I do not understand anything. I also have no option to reverse the pedals in the game or the LGS.
Although I manage to change assignments and create a profile in the LGS, steering wheel spin is a disaster.
I have not yet been able to test the game and I have it from the first day.

Thanks for the help
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