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I already heard that F1 2017 has a lot of bugs especially in Multiplayer. But in constrast against the lot of the F1 community, I am patient with the Codies, and try to help them as much as they can, to release a patch as soon as they can ;D
So the following bugs, which are actually the first bugs I have experienced in this game so far, all occurred in the same Online Race. The game mode was Public Matchmaking and in a 5 lap race with One-Shot Quali in Austrlia in the HIstoric Class 1 (Ferrari 2004 to be precise). 
The first bug was, that directly at race start, I got the blue flags. I led the field but got constant blue flags, so far that I got a 2 sec time penatly. When the driver in P2 eventually overtook me, the blue flags where gone and when I overtook that same driver again, I still had no blue flags, so the bug solved itself, but still I got a time penalty of of it!
The next bug is probably one that is more common:
At the end of the race, everyone who crossed the line got DSQ'd the moment, we crossed the line.
Adding to that, the game got stuck in loading screen after that! 

I hope this helps you in some way and I hope that you can release a patch soon to make this game perfect!  ;)

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Well, me and a lot of other guys in this place been sending in bug reports for months now. The Multiplayer is still broken af, so I *highly* doubt that codies care about our reports. The communication on codies side has been awful at best, it seems to me that they never really cared about the Multiplayer part in the first place and wanted us to playtest the game, when their QA should have done so. It is apparent that their QA never really focused on the Multiplayer.
I would say that since release, Codemasters have only fixed about 25% of all the bugs that have been reported.

My only hope is that they might develop a dedicated Server app in the future so you can host your game on a proper server and have a good network game. That cheap ass p2p shizzle will always come with a host of problems, but I guess its cheaper to develop.

Aaaaaannnd back to Forza 7...

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Every time i get into the game i get a message that a serious error ocured. And it happens every time i restarted the game,even tried uninstaling but i get same error report. Account name Damjanpanic

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