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Are Car Upgrades Working in RaceNet Challenges? No.

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I read a lot about this but i couldn´t find a resolute answer.
Tunnig works; that´s a thing i experienced, but upgrades....i dunno and doubt more than placebo effect. I´ve tried in custom cup disabling/enabling and feeled the difference but i noticed that in RaceNet Challenges it seems doesn´t work, it´s me or it really working??

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I really don't think so. I just upgraded my engine when I obtain it after the Touring Racenet Challenge and did it again to see the difference. It's sad to say that to me at least, that the engine upgrade is non beneficial when my I couldn't even pull away from my ghost on a straightaway even though the top speed increased quite a bit. :neutral_face: But I could also think that the upgrades make a minimal amount of difference so that they don't become overpowered against people with loaner cars or lower ranked cars. But THAT's just my theory.......
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