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F1 Bugs list


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these are the ones i found so far hopefully they get patched soon.

25% Race part wear way too fast gearbox 70% after 2 race also confirmed on alot of career mode on youtube.

Online dsq at the end of the race also crash while loading qualy.

AI difficulty on career is unbalanced they are super fast in practice and qualifying then super slow in race, i qualy 18th with sauber trying my hardest then in the race i have top 5 pace and always finish around 4-5 , im just as fast as the merc/red bull/ferrari clearly a bug.

When doing any training program like fuel saving sometimes on a flying lap is start me way too early and i have to wait 20s before i even see the lights come.

Not taking penalty for switching engine parts sometimes, qualy 18 supose to start 20 but start 18 after formation lap, also is doesnt show how many grid penalty you get when you swap parts it just say you get a penalty.

Also sorry for my english not my language trying my best.

Racing with sauber in career mode 25% race on xbox one version 1.3
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I found those bugs as well in career mode. Makes it impossible to enjoy at the moment sadly.

I also have the idea that the AI is not influenced by the track's grip during the weekend. I'm like 3 seconds off in the first practise and at qualifying I'm almost competitive.

Bugs I found:
- AI does not avoid player car when it's standing still on the track (after a spin for instance)
- Skybox glitching out at China track
- A new fitted gearbox still has the missing gear of the previous gearbox in the first lap(s?)
- Engineer constantly asking 'what did you say?' , while not pressing anything (even while in the pitbox)

Missing features?
- AI still awfully slow in the first lap
- AI cars always seem to perfectly time the VSC and pit entrance (as a player there's nothing to gain there)
- still no downforce reduction when following a car closely (AI cars can also drive 1 inch from eachother, making hilarious trains)

AI drivers levels weirdness:
- Raikkonen way too fast
- Verstappen way too slow
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